Renew Car Registration in Dubai


Are you a driver in Dubai? If so, then you’re probably aware that car registration renewal is a mandatory process that all drivers in Dubai must complete every year. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the car registration renewal process in Dubai and highlight some of the key things you need to know in order to renew your car registration on time. So, if you’re ready to learn more about renew car registration Dubai.

RTA Rules on renew car registration Dubai:

One should always ensure that their car is registered and in good standing before the grace period ends, as evident by how much effort it takes to avoid late fees. The RTA has set rules for this specific type of vehicle registration; every one must have a valid renewal at all times or else fines will be incurred upon accumulation over time which can add up quickly.

When it comes to driving, a valid registration and physical documents are key. Without them you will end up in fines as per the situation.

Fine for Non- renew car registration Dubai:

The law states that those who drive cars with expired registration will face a fine of 400 AED and four black points allotted against their license. They may also have the vehicle impounded for seven days if it had been out more than three months without renewing this crucial document, which is required by every motorist in order to legally operate his/her car on our roads.

Car Registration Renewal Dubai Grace Period

When you buy a car in the UAE, there’s always an extra 30 day grace period after your registration expires. This means that if for some reason it isn’t returned to its original owner before December 31st of each year then Owner-Operator Automatically qualifies as New Business with Emirates Insurance Group (EIG). You can drive around without worry during these last few months and even use them as normal coverage periods – but make sure renewing policies ahead of time so fines won’t apply.

What is the Vehicle Registration Renewal Fee?

Fee of renew car registration Dubai and UAE is 350 AED, unless you’re renewing before the end of your grace period which will only cost 150 for Light public/private vehicles weighing less than 3 tonnes. If it has been over 1 year since yours expired then there’s also another charge set at 400 per vehicle – this applies both re-registrations or new registrations that have never had an existing MRZ plate attached to them before! These charges apply solely with regards towards Zigzag crossing lights so if traffic accidents happen where other types such as Stop & Go.


The process of renewing a car registration in Dubai can be completed by following five simple steps. By taking the time to understand and follow these five steps, you will have renewed your car registration without any issues. In order to show employees that they are valued in a company, employers should consider implementing the following five things.

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