7 Kids Safety Tips to Follow at Home or Out and About

All parents have a common interest in keeping their children safe at all times possible!

Nowadays, people normally associate areas with being safe if they are familiar to them.

FACT: An area that provides the feeling of home. However, if you look at the stats, it has been found that around 4.5 million children suffer from injuries in their own homes. 

Sadly, it is possible that despite having attentive parent’s children end up facing injuries. It takes seconds for a child to suffer from injuries, whether it be major or minor.

It is, however, easy to prevent; you simply need to childproof your house. This will save you from keeping a watch on all of your toddler activities to keep them happy.

Why Does Promoting Child Safety is Important at Home?

FACT: An Injury Program has been started by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This program is dedicated to educating families about the ways they can treat their loved ones at home in any case of injury.

The parents always say that they did not anticipate the accident to occur because they keep a constant check on their children.

Your child can be kept safe if they are able to identify hazards. They need to be taught about how to tackle and prevent these injuries from happening.

TIP: Check if you have managed to remove all the hazards from the house. So Mr Jaroslaw Krupa suggests that your child can still get in an injurious situation. 

It is vital to make yourself aware of any new threats building up around your child. Ideally, when a child starts to walk and crawl around the house, they are most likely to get injured.

The best way to keep it a healthy and safe place for your child to explore and learn. You should adjust the atmosphere in such a manner.

Tips to Consider for Kids Safety:

Having a safe home for your child is all about maintaining supervision.

It is important to teach children what is a safe and unsafe environment!

Baby Equipment and Furniture Safety:

To keep your child from injury in their routine activities, you need safe baby furniture.

They tend to protect your child. Try to look for cots and high chairs. However, there is no particular standard set for change tables.

TIP: Therefore, we suggest keeping an eye on kids’ hobbies and what kind of activities they are indulged in. 

Scald and Burning Prevention:

Scalds in newborns and children commonly happen by hot foods and beverages, as well as too-hot baths.

These precautions mentioned below will help you a lot in avoiding dangerous situations:

  • Keep hot foods and beverages out of the reach of youngsters.
  • If you’re eating or drinking something hot, don’t hold your youngster.

TIP: keep a check on the temperature of your bathwater. Remember, it is safe to keep the temperature around 37-38°C.

  • Set your bathroom’s hot water temperature to a maximum of 50°C. Moreover, to reach the correct bath temperature for newborns and children, you’ll still need to mix cold water with hot water from your faucets.

Electrical Equipment Safety:

Some of the electrical safety measures have been stated below for you:

  • Hire an expert electrician to install safety switches that swiftly shut off electricity to prevent electrocution.
  • If needed, get the repairs in your house done by an electrician.
  • If electrical appliances and cords are worn, replace them.
  • Make use of PowerPoint covers.
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Falling Prevention in and Out of home:

Falling or tripping over is found to be one of the most common things that lead to injuries. You can be a help to your child by understanding what your child’s hobbies are. For instance:

  • Once you find your child has started crawling and walking around the house, installing safety barriers should be your first move.
  • Michael Hess suggests avoiding having your child stumble in the bathroom. It is best to turn on lights in the hall or make use of sensor lights.
  • Keep in mind to never leave your child unattended if they are left on a changing table or sofa. They might end up crawling or rolling over the surface.

House Fires Prevention:

Cooking mishaps, cigarettes, electrical problems, candles, incense, and youngsters playing with lighters and matches may all cause house fires!

Each floor of your house must have at least one functional smoke alarm, according to the law. However, a smoke alarm should be installed outside the sleeping rooms of your home for general fire safety.

TIP: Installing alarms in places like bedrooms could turn out to be a smart idea.

Dr Emanuela suggests keeping a check on your alarms. Make sure they are working properly every month. Try to change the batteries yearly.

Poisoning Harm Prevention:

Some hobbies include touching and tasting everything that they hold in their hand!

FACT: Poisoning is one of the most prevalent causes of damage in children under the age of five, and simple home chemicals and medicines are frequently poisoned!

To make your child’s surroundings safer, take the following steps:

  • Remove dangerous poisons
  • Store chemicals and medications up high in a locked closet or cabinet
  • The safety latch on the doors is really helpful. Install them to every door that could lead to trouble. Whether it be cupboards, refrigerators or something else.

Water Safety Out of Your Home:

Maintain strict supervision while having your child near water. Baths, pools, ponds and buckets with water are all examples of this.

Keep in check if your pool fence is up to the Australian Standard or not. Keep a regular check on your fence to make sure that it is in good working condition at all times.

TIP: Dr Phillip Harrison suggests always supervising and paying close attention to newborns and children under the age of five in the bath for their safety.

Final Verdict:

Because every home is different, seek safety precautions that will work for you!

You are responsible as a parent to educate your children about safety. This should be done at an early age to prevent major injuries. For growing children, there are also safety measures like a personal emergency alert app.

TIP: You need to create a safe environment in your house by doing so. This, however, does not rule out the possibility of subsequently introducing safety precautions to your children. 

As you implement changes at home, you will notice that you will need to be more patient with them.

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