What are Right Positions For Switches And Sockets In A Home?

In homes where children are present or expected, it is very important to consider Right Positions For Switches And Sockets. Read Suggestions.


One of the major considerations when conducting electrical socket installation in London is the positioning. For some people, the only consideration made during the positioning of electrical switches is safety. For others, aesthetics and comfort are also important factors when it comes to positions of electrical outlets in a home. Whatever your reason, you need to know the right position for your switch to provide accessibility, safety as well as a nice blend to the interior of your home.

In homes where children are present or expected, it is very important to consider the type of outlets in use. There are childproof and TR receptacles that can avert accidents and prevent the curious hands of children from causing destruction.

This article shows some strategic positions that you can use for your electrical fittings, depending on your needs.

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If safety is your utmost priority, then it is best to place switches higher up on the wall, and above their reach. As long as they cannot get to the switches at a go, it won’t be long before something more interesting and accessible catches their attention. By the time the kids are old enough to reach the switch, they must have been made aware of the dangers associated with playing with electricity.


In areas like the bathroom and laundry room where a lot of water can be found, the positioning of electrical fittings should be carefully thought about. Usually in bathrooms, the plug point can be found within the light switch panel. The panel needs to be at a position where it is difficult for water to reach and at the same time accessible by the users. Fit your switches on the opposite direction from taps and wash basins. This way, there would be no splashes that could get the plug points wet, and you can also move to the switch to plug in dryers and other electrical appliances.


If you have to get out of bed in your bedroom to reach the light controlling switch, then the purpose of comfort is defied. You want to be able to put out the lights with your eyes closed, or turn on the lights in cases of emergencies as fast as possible, so the switches in your bedroom should be placed strategically for comfort. A wall besides the bed where you can easily stretch a hand and access is a great position for the bedroom switch.

Multi-level switch convenience

In the sitting room, around the media area, there will be lots of electrical devices to be connected. As a general rule, it is advisable to know the devices and their preferred positions, as this will help determine the best position for the outlets. You do not want to overload a particular outlet, and you also do not want to fill your walls with too much outlets, so using double outlets in the same spot can be quite helpful.

Well-blended switches

There are cases where one might have a particular theme or design plan for a room, and sometimes, putting the wrong switches can distort the plan. You can get a camouflage switch that blends well with the entire design of the wall, especially in the kids’ rooms. If the kids can barely distinguish the switch from the design, then there is a high chance that they may not easily notice the switch. This camouflage can also be used for aesthetic purposes.

 Counter fittings

The kitchen is one room where a lot of electrical appliances and connections are done regularly. For convenience sake, it is best to place a number of outlets on the counter top or besides the counter in accessible positions for the kitchen users. This way, you do not have to move appliances to a particular place before you can get them plugged in. Your convenience as well as your safety is guaranteed.

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Aesthetics purposes

Switches can be placed in such a way that instead of causing an eye sore when the eyes are drawn to them, they actually enhance the look of a room. There are numerous shapes and shades of outlets, and you can have your outlets customised for a room, if you are big on aesthetics. A great interior designer will find a suitable switch design to display your style and personality in your home.

Access at entry points

The essence of light is to eliminate darkness. In places like hallways and staircases, and even in rooms, it is a good idea to place the switches at entry points. This way, one can immediately find a switch and turn it on or off on the way in or out respectively. You can place the switches at shoulder height positions, so it is easily accessible by anyone.

Customised outlets

If you would love a switch placed at a strategic position to suit your needs, then you can get a customised switch. For instance, if you do a lot of desk work, you can attach a customised switch to your desk, enabling you to reach the lights without causing a distortion in your activities. Also, you can place a switch underneath your bed, close to your bathtub, in your library, on one of your gym equipment, and wherever you need it to be for your own convenience. You only need to consult a capable designer to get it done.


 Technology has provided a lot of solutions for many problems. There is no need for lack of comfort and inconvenience when you can easily get a professional to customise your home in a way that provides comfort and convenience for you. Whatever you do, do not forget that safety should be a priority. Let all your style touches, designs and convenience be in line with your safety.

When you contact Electric Works London, we can cater for your electrical needs. We can perform an efficient switch installation tailored to suit your needs and for your safety. Give us a call on 020 7183 4006 and our reputable electricians will locate you and proffer solutions for your electrical problems.

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