Nutritional Diet for a Professional Bodybuilder – Complete Guide

Read about the importance of Nutritional Diet for a Professional Bodybuilder and also complete guide to explain how to do it?


Muscle growth in a person makes one bodybuilder. The muscle percentage in a bodybuilder is pretty high than most people. A bodybuilder relies on a specific diet which helps them grow the muscles extensively with a look of muscles. Their body is so strong and all their weight is pure muscle. They have the most limited fat. They work on each muscle every day and hence get this kind of built. The muscle which they work on is biceps, triceps, quadriceps, abs, quads etc.

Complete Guide

The bodybuilding needs to be perfect and done in the right posture because if the posture is wrong the muscles do not get built in the right place. There may be injuries and the muscles may cause a change with the nerves. For example, the muscles of triceps need to be just below when the arm is lifted at a 90-degree angle.

Some wrong postures can cause the muscles slightly towards the left or right of the arm. So posture and movements do matter a lot in the process of bodybuilding. As per the best nutritionist in Bangalore, the diet of a bodybuilder is completely strict and they are some foods which they avoid and their meals contain all the macronutrients and micronutrients.

For vegetarians and vegans also it is not difficult to have a body built. They do have a few lesser options for protein-rich foods but they can definitely do the options which they have. The foods that the bodybuilders mainly focus in on protein-rich foods because When the bodybuilder’s workout they muscles undergo wear and tear and the weight they lift is really heavy and thus to build and repair the wear and tear of these muscles the body needs to get enough protein.

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As they focus on overall muscles of the body their protein food requirements are very high which can mean that their calories split is 55% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 10% fat. The protein is added in every meal. The high protein requirement is normal people can cause problems in kidneys as the kidneys cannot accept so much protein but in case of bodybuilders the muscles wear and tear is extensive that the protein gets used in repairing the wear and tear of tissue.

Proteins comprise of either food like chicken, fish, mutton and eggs in high quantity at one meal for non-vegetarians and beans, dals, legumes, milk and dairy products for vegetarians and the same options of foods except the dairy products for vegans. They can also include protein supplements like plant protein and also go for options of almond milk, soy milk which can provide them with required protein.

A protein supplement can also be given in the form of protein tablets as well. The bodybuilders also avoid a number of foods that will hinder their muscles growth. So they are completely off sugars, refined sugars, processed and canned foods due to the high content of salts in them. Foods like white bread, pasta and fried foods are completely off their diets. They also do not indulge in alcohol and smoking habits.

Deep-fried foods, aerated drinks and fibre rich foods are also off their diets. The fibre in the form of fruits is taken and also they have foods that are cooked or boiled or grilled to limit the amount of fat in their diet. Apart from protein the carbohydrates also play an important role in bodybuilding. Before every session of their workout, the bodybuilders do eat carbohydrate-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds which are foods with a good amount of carbohydrates to provide them with energy to sustain long hours of workout.

Some bodybuilders train for 3-4 hours with just 10 minutes or 20 minutes of break. In between they need to have even protein and also get carbohydrates in good amounts to help them sustain their body for strenuous training. Hydration is also very important in a bodybuilder. The best nutritionist in India says that water helps in reducing muscle cramps, twitching of muscles and also prevents soreness of muscles to a great extent. Initially, when a person is looking to body build they need to focus on losing excessive fat present in their body.

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The goal of bodybuilding cannot be achieved if they are fat in the body. When you start working directly on the muscles the muscle will start building on the fat which will later make it more difficult for the person to burn the fat to make the muscles count in the body assessment scale. So to start off the bodybuilders should focus the cardio workouts which mainly work on fat-burning properties and then once the excessive fat is burnt you can start working on the muscle groups.

The bodybuilders also participate in competitions so they need to take account of how they need to keep up to the levels. They are certain weight categories of this competition, so they need a strict diet and exercise regime which they need to follow to keep up to those levels.


To keep up to the level of building the bodybuilders never skip their workouts. They maintain a strict diet and also that helps them attract people into personal training. They are self-motivated and keep patience because they are aware that the bodybuilding does take a lot of time to grow.

Also if you do 100 crunches a day it will not build your abs. It is a gradual and slow process to build the muscles in a proper way. They also keep a check on fat intake and also on their supplements which they take timely. They are very determined and they are so against the food urges and dedicate their body to their goals.

Some things that they need to take care of is to not over train themselves, or neglect their supplements or even drinking too little or too much. It is not easy to be a bodybuilder so if you ever want to go towards bodybuilding you need to that headstrong and dedicated to achieving your goals.

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