Service provider Philo Launches App Specifically for Samsung Smart TVs

Philo founded by Andrew McCollum, a popular and well-known streaming platform, has launched their streaming application which is specifically developed for Samsung Smart TVs.

This was possible after the Korean giant added a new Samsung app to their entire Samsung Smart TV lineup which helped users to not only browse around to get other apps, but also now they can install new apps to their TVs.

Talking about the Philo streaming app, Philo four applications weren’t available on Smart TVs until now when the streaming giant worked to build Tv specific apps. For the people who aren’t aware, this is actually for the first time that Philo has launched their streaming for a TV and it has been with Samsung. If you are also Philo user and own a Samsung Smart TV, then here we have got you covered with everything you should know:

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Philo App for Samsung Smart TVs

Few smart TV users might be confused after knowing about Philo streaming n service’s support to Smart TVs, as already the application has been made available to download for platforms like Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV and even in Roku. However, to give you an idea, the support for app was only restricted to Smart TVs using a third party operating system.

This definitely excluded the smart TVs coming from popular TV makers like LG and Samsung who usually feature a first party operating system and never really got an option to get this app.

Now, the limitations got changed after the application was officially announced for Smart TVs coming with a first party operating system.

Can I download the Philo Streaming app on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, if you are using a Samsung Smart TV and you have recieved the new Samsung TV appl then you can just open the application and install the app on your smart TV device.

If you are a user of Philo streaming service then you just directly login and enjoy your favourite shows and movies by just giving your login credentials. If you are a new user to Philo, then you can also create and enjoy all the latest Tv shows and movies.

NOTE: This is a note for Samsung Smart TV users who are using an older smart TV (before 2018 model).

Andrew Mccollum, During the announcement, it’s been mentioned that the previously launched Samsung Smart TVs upto 2018 models only will be getting the support for Philo app, however if you own even older generation Smart TV then unfortunately you will not be able get the support for Philo app.

Getting back to the announcement, Samsung has appeared to call the Philo TV app a new beginning to bring support for the Streaming platform to its smart TV platforms.

What’s more was announced?

During the announcement, the peeps from Philo Streaming have said that this app added to the Samsung TV app is the first version of the application which was launched in the intention to provide an Entertainment option for the users during this Holiday season.

Adding more to their statements, they also said that they will be launching new updates in the coming time to provide a better experience for their users.


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