How To Transform an Unused Room Into the Perfect Toddler Room?

You probably feel like you welcomed a new bundle of joy into your family just yesterday. Let’s face it, life goes fast when you have children, and it can seem overwhelming when it’s your first. You’re hitting all the milestones for the first time, so it’s helpful to be prepared for them well ahead of time. Going from baby to toddler is one of those milestones; many changes are ahead. Your child won’t be a toddler for long but will need a room upgrade that will grow with your little one for at least the next few years. Sometimes this means switching to a room that’s bigger than the nursery. After all, toddlers need lots of space to enjoy their new-found mobility. If you have an unused room in your home, with a bit of work, you could transform it into an adorable toddler room. Here are some suggestions for getting started.

Plan for the Job Ahead

First, you must form a plan. Consider the size of the room. Is it time to invest in a twin- or full-size bed or to temporarily transition to a toddler-size bed?

Now that your child is walking, it’s also vital to consider safety measures. You may opt for built-in storage versus bookshelves and heavy furniture that can tip over. Also, kid-friendly, easy-to-clean laminate flooring can be an excellent investment. It will not only keep your child safe (e.g., reducing allergens) but also endure years of wear and tear.

Additionally, this can be an excellent time to take care of any home maintenance and inspect this part of your home for damage, such as that resulting from moisture or mold. You will have peace of mind knowing your child’s health isn’t being compromised from undetected mold. A company like Total Restoration of Texas can be invaluable for locating and restoring damage.

Think Fun

There are many ways you can create a super fun room without investing a lot of money. You can paint the walls bright, cheery colors, install wallpaper with a fun design, or paint a mural. You can put cute removable decals (even wall-size ones!) on walls and furniture. Many fun designs are available to suit your child’s interests, such as favorite animals or cartoon characters. Also, consider an exciting area rug for the floor and glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling.

Create a Shopping List

Once you have a plan, shopping should be much more straightforward. Remember, purchasing all new items is not imperative when remodeling a room. You may already have furniture, storage options, and accessories that you can easily repurpose for your toddler’s room.

Simplify Decor

During the toddler years, simple is usually better. There’s no need to invest in fancy toddler furniture and accessories that you will only use for a few years. Once your child is school-age, you will better understand interests, needs, and wants to create a more personalized environment.

Take Actions To Avoid Clutter

If there’s one thing a toddler needs, it’s room to play. Clutter can develop fast, so it’s helpful to design the room to make organizing easy. Better yet, make it easy for your little one to help you clean up; a toy box is excellent for fast de-cluttering; just gather a bunch of toys and throw them in.

Gather and Prepare Necessities

After collecting all your decor, ensure you have necessities, such as tools for hanging pictures and assembling furniture. A laser level can come in very handy for this type of work. It’s also helpful to have another person who can assist by holding a ladder steady or helping you move heavy items.

Once you have finished the room, make the reveal a momentous event for your little one. Toddlers love surprises and will revel in having a “big kid” room! It’s beautiful seeing your toddler’s face light up with excitement. It’s also great knowing all your work has paid off to create a fun and efficient space. After giving your child a while to explore the area, let your little one select some additions to personalize it. Begin today researching ideas to get your project underway.


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