Shine Bright Leos! What To Expect in August as a Leo

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Leos are the bold, lovable lions of the zodiac. If you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, few will challenge your title as King or Queen of the Jungle this summer. With so much energy coming your way, an astrology psychic reading can show you how to pounce on opportunities in August.

Radiating Personality

Leos are one of the most charismatic signs in the zodiac at any time of year. During your birthday season, Leo, you’re so bright anyone looking at you needs sunglasses. Even as some unusual tension pops up between planets this month, temporary setbacks will never dull your shine.

In the swirl of your social life, don’t forget that you value different connections in romantic relationships. Since your charm can lead to many superficial friendships, go deep with those in your life who are most important to you to find true happiness.

If your partner wants to talk about something heavy that’s bothering them, that’s a great opportunity to demonstrate the loyalty you also need in a relationship. Your parents or friends may reach out with problems this month, so use that boundless energy to strengthen the fundamental bonds in your life. An online clairvoyant may be able to prepare you for important conversations.

Unapologetic Self-Expression

Lovely Venus is fluttering into your cosmic neck of the woods halfway through the month. This planet’s influence may extend to your romantic life, but it’s more likely it will grace your personal and professional spheres instead. After all, on a Leo’s birthday, everything tends to revolve around you!

Embrace Venus by showing a little love to yourself (definitely not a new concept to a Leo, but that’s part of your charm.) Maybe try a daring hairstyle or buy that new dress or suit you’ve been eyeing. With your charisma this month, there’s practically no style choice you can’t pull off.

Overflowing Creativity

Creative pursuits that are personal to you will be touched by Venus’s grace as well. Try picking up an artistic hobby you’ve neglected and you may be surprised at how quickly you can get back into the swing of it.

Singing and performing are right in your wheelhouse, so a karaoke night might be exactly what you need to blow off steam. Dancing, comedy or spoken word are also great options to bring new dimensions to your social life this season.

Golden Good Fortune

The Sun goes into Virgo during the last week of August, meaning it’s Virgo season. This level-headed energy allows you to use your leftover white-hot drive on your finances. Leos are no stranger to a combination of luck and smart business decisions, but making the most of both requires careful planning. Buckle down with a budget and your forethought will (literally) pay off.Leos can be headstrong, but everyone needs a little guidance now and then. If your birthday month gets hectic, consider visiting mediums near me. Learning how to roll with life’s punches is the best way to carry your Leo season energy all through the year.

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