How Short Videos Become The Hottest Growth Hack of 2021?

You may already watch a ton of short videos. But have you ever realized that why Short Videos Hottest Growth Hack in 2021?


You may have been using short video app such as Instagram, Facebook, Doston, etc., and you also have probably watched a ton of short videos.

But have you ever realized that this would become a trend someday?

The short video trend became incredibly popular when Tiktok came out. Since then, every major platform has been following the trend.

Moreover, after a ban on Tiktok in India, many short video apps came out and were heavily adopted by the people. 

One of them is Boston, with great useful short video content to watch. It is similar to TikTok because it has every single function that TikTok has, from creating & editing a video to export.

Why Short Video Trend Become Much Important?: Exposure & Engagement

Short videos become important because this is what people want to see. Every day, people want to see new things, and these short video apps facilitating this.

To promote adoption, most social media sites offer their new functionality for an extra boost.

The reason behind this popularity is experiencing a trend whether it’s on Instagram reels or a video on the Doston app.

It does not matter whatever the short video platform you choose.

You have to get creative and start experimenting with all the various ways you can share dynamic video content that’s almost guaranteed to get you more engagement.

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Why Short Video Trend Become Much Important?: Stays On Your Feed

The short video contents stay longer on your feed. 

For example, the video you create on the Doston app stays forever on your profile after it is published.

So you will get the views and engagement every time the user visits your page or come across your video.

As a result, this short video content will encourage more interactions and shares, which means it will stick around with you for longer.

Why Short Video Trend Become Much Important?: Get the audiences on several platforms.

It is a fact that it takes more time to create a creative, engaging short video than editing a photograph. 

But once it is completed, you can use that video to reach out to different audiences on multiple platforms.

If you make short videos in the 16:9 aspect ratio, you’ll be able to share them on multiple platforms like Doston, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and gain engagements from there as well.

Why Short Video Trend Become Much Important?: Get personal with your audience.

It’s hard to sell something or convince your audience to get into your brand or whatever without personal involvement.

These days, consumers want to know about the brands’ values and people before they buy from them.

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Making short videos is one of the effective ways to do it. Involving yourself in the video will help you accomplish your goal, and it also raises trust among people.

It will help you achieve your goal by showcasing yourself in the video, and it also increases trust among individuals.

Moreover, it is the best way to get into the details of whatever you are introducing in a personable way, which can be more effective and persuasive than just putting the series of images.

Why Short Video Trend Become Much Important?: Make Short Videos Your Powerful Weapon

You may have heard the saying that a video is worth a million words.

The video makes it possible for brands to dynamically display products, providing important meaning that is almost difficult to get through images.

It has never been a great time to get started if you do not create short video content for your brand.

All in all

You have to run with the trend; creating short videos can surely impact your brand or whatever you are selling. 

Short videos on social media prove to be the most powerful business asset for gaining new followers, growing your brand, and driving sales.

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