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A lot of graduates opts for UPSC IAS as their career But it is perceived to be the toughest exam but these Tips for Clearing UPSC can help.


Every year a large chunk of graduates opt for UPSC IAS as their career. While UPSC IAS is perceived to be the toughest exam, it in no way shakes the aspirants’ confidence. The syllabus of the Civil services examination is vast. Can take the brief idea from the induction programs of the best IAS Academy in Bangalore

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the syllabus of UPSC covers almost everything under the sun. Aspirants who are new to it are required to dedicate 12-18 months of full-time preparation for completing the entire UPSC IAS syllabus. 

The best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore talks about the eligibility criteria for appearing in the UPSC exam. The candidate must have attained the age of 21 years and must not have attained the age of 32years (for the general category) on 1 August of the examination year.

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Most of the candidates are either about to graduate or already graduate at the age of 21. After that, they study for UPSC IAS for another 1-2 years or whatever time it takes according to their capability to compete in the aforesaid examination.

There are few students, generally the ones from the humanities background, who choose to go for UPSC in their early academic life stages. So how shall they pursue it?

How shall they prepare in their college years for UPSC so that they become well equipped before they jump into the competition? The experts from the field in the best IAS Coaching in Bangalore have repeatedly tried to develop courses that aim to build a concrete base.

Most of the students need accurate mentoring in their early days of preparation. Mentoring is something that plays a vital role in your preparation. This article is supposed to give the budding aspirants an idea about how they can prepare for UPSC while in college.

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The following points might help:-

  1. Well versed with NCERTs:- While in college, there is an already existing pressure of the terms and assignments. I that case, Students can slowly start with reading NCERTs instead of directly jumping into advanced books. It is a dual benefit strategy. One, it will strengthen their base, and second is that they aren’t very exhaustive. The educators from the best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore have made the learning of NCERTs a cakewalk.
  2. Tap on current affairs:- While aspirants, in general, should hone their general knowledge about the daily happenings, it is not enough for a demanding exam like UPSC. Aspirants should get into the habit of reading daily newspapers. They must go through any of the monthly magazines of their choice to be in touch with the ongoing insights. Current affairs cover a huge share of UPSC. Can avail of daily news articles, quizzes, and discussions on important national events from the best IAS Coaching website in Karnataka.
  3. Answer writing practice:- College students are usually in the habit of writing long answers for hours, all credits to the semester exams. They should utilize it and continue practicing articulation. Every day must give half an hour to the answer writing practice. This will be very useful for the students who wish to clear the mains in the first attempt. The daily questions are uploaded on the website of best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore. The mentors provide discussion and live interactive doubt clearing sessions. An aspirant with good command over answer writing will easily get through the mains.
  4. Learn to form an opinion:- A lot happens in college. Aspirants should take active participation in the debates and elocutions. The knack for speaking for an opinion will take an aspirant a long way. It will refine their content structuring ability and hence better answers and viewpoints. Working on one’s personality is always appreciated. A person with leadership qualities and good public speaking skills will have an x-factor to give them an edge. Associating with the toppers and veterans through the Civil Services Coaching Centers in Bangalore will further add to an aspirant’s perspective.
  5. Healthy lifestyle:- No matter what you do in life, a disciplined life is a worthy life. The aspirants should make a routine and follow it religiously. Getting the proper amount of sleep, eating healthy, doing physical exercises, giving equal weightage to the college, and preparing will bring them closer to realizing their dream of becoming an IAS officer. The IAS coaching centers in Bangalore offer additional sessions for their students to prepare an effective routine.

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Apart from all this, the aspirants can go for coaching classes in their final year to manage and afford to do so. Coaching will provide them the guidance that they require at the beginning of their preparation.

The UPSC Coaching Classes in Bangalore have courses designed, keeping in mind the differing needs of aspirants. Educators try to elaborate on every concept and ease the understanding process. Individual attention is provided so that the aspirants do not lose track. Hope the article helps! Hope you love reading “Tips for Clearing UPSC”

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