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The Importance of a Commercial Ice Machine in your Restaurant Business

When operating restaurants or bars, you need a solid business plan and foundation. To successfully apply your company strategy, make sure to invest in appropriate commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment including commercial stoves, commercial blenders, and commercial ice makers are some of the essential equipment you’ll need. You can serve cooled smoothies, shakes, and drinks with professional and high-quality ice-making devices.

Why You Need Commercial Ice Makers in Your Restaurant

When most people think about business assets, an ice maker isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. An ice machine is assumed to be more of a liability than an asset for some business owners. However, you’d be surprised how valuable this commercial machine can be to your company.

If you’re still debating whether or not to buy or lease an ice maker machine for your business, we’re here to persuade you. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in quality ice machines:

It’s more convenient

The first advantage of buying a commercial ice maker on site is that you’ll never run out of ice.

You can’t afford to run out of ice when customers are coming in for cool drinks and cocktails, which is where ice producers come in. Ice makers in commercial establishments can produce anywhere between 50 lbs. to 1,200 lbs. per day!


Ice machines are useful and functional. You can save time and money by making ice at your restaurant. You’ll always have fresh ice on hand for your customers. Depending on your business needs, you can also bag and store the leftover ice. You can get ice for mocktails, juices, and ice treats like shaved ice with a single press of a button.

Simple to use

Do not have your employees fill many ice cube trays and place them in the freezer to replenish your ice cube supply. This is simply inefficient.

All you have to do with an ice maker is fill it up with water, press a button, and you’ll have ice in less than five minutes. Ice makers are simple to operate and can save your employees a lot of time.

Reduced contamination risk

You’ll have complete control over the water you pour straight into the machine with a commercial ice maker while dispensing the cubes or chips at the touch of a button. This lowers the chances of the ice coming into contact with pollutants from outside, which can lead to contamination.

It is necessary for the production of high-quality drinks

Some drinks always taste better when served cold. That’s because there’s a connection between taste and temperature. You must serve your cold beverages ice cold if you want them to taste their best.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Commercial Ice Maker

Now that you have your needs sorted out, be sure to ask these questions before buying a Commercial Ice Maker.

Any type of restaurant necessitates a large amount of ice, and the only way to meet your needs is with the correct commercial ice machine. So while looking for your ideal machine, keep the following in mind:

Production Necessity

It’s crucial to figure out the amount of ice used at your restaurant before purchasing an ice maker.

Size of the commercial ice maker

A decent rule of thumb is to get an ice maker that generates 20% more ice than you require daily. This will give you extra cash in the event of a sudden surge in business, a power outage, an unexpected rise in ambient temperatures, or other unforeseen events.

Ice cube shape

Consider investing in an ice machine that can produce the exact size of ice your business kitchen or bar needs. To optimize earnings, different conditions necessitate different forms of ice.

You can find the following types of ice cube makers:

❖      Solid ice cube makers

❖      Hollow ice makers

❖      Half dice ice makers

❖      Flake ice makers

The placement of your commercial ice maker

The location and placement of the industrial ice maker affect the ice maker’s longevity. To maintain proper and optimal operation, all ice machines require enough ventilation, drainage, and water setup.

If you’re buying an ice machine or an ice maker, make sure to check that the appliance has the WaterMark Certification. This is a legal requirement for drainage items to guarantee that they are fit for their intended use and have been properly authorized for installation. Purchasing a product without this information could result in a violation of local standards and the creation of a product that is unfit for human consumption.

After performing your preliminary study, make sure to select an excellent commercial ice machine that meets your company’s requirements. Commercial ice maker machines, if you can afford the initial expenditure, can pay off handsomely in the long term.

Author BIO: Damon Shrauner, Senior Sales Consultant and VP on B2B Sales at CKitchen, working in the food service equipment sector since 1994. With his expertise in market analysis, product placement, sales and project management, he will always tell you what to do for the best of your business.

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