Things To Keep In Mind While Building An Aircraft Hangar

When considering developing an airplane hangar, it can be easy to overlook the many small details that go into choosing the right location and design. After all, the weather will probably be good wherever you build your hangar. 

However, planning for the inevitable hiccup in air quality doesn’t matter as much as knowing when, where, and how to build your aircraft hangers. Understanding the nuances of designing hangars to achieve high-end operations is paramount. 

Crucial Considerations While Designing A Plane Hangar

  1. Location

From the moment you pick a location for your hangar, you need to think about the atmosphere of the surrounding area. The wind will play havoc with your hangars and the surrounding area, so it’s essential to have a location that gives you a comfortable breeze. 

If you have to be in the air for a while, you will likely require a larger hangar. Hangers that are only 18 feet by 24 feet are going to be very tight, and they are going to be uncomfortable to use. On the other hand, a larger hangar with a greater footprint will provide a more comfortable space, is weather-resistant, and will not be as susceptible to a slight breeze.

  1. Design

The most important consideration for any hangar space is the design of the building. The structure itself does not matter since you must design it as per your needs. The walls, roof, ceiling, and other internal details should match the colors or designs that will adorn your hangar. The external design should reflect the same theme, with walls and fixtures in the desired colors.

  1. Hangar Size

The size of the hangars is another essential consideration to keep in mind while designing an aircraft hangar. Smaller hangars have more room for things to happen, such as take-off and landing, while larger hangars are more suited to holding smaller objects, such as planes.

  1. Lighting Inside Hangar

When building your hangars, you want to ensure that the lights give off the right amount of energy. Continuous lighting, where every light in the hangar is put out at once, is the most popular method used by major manufacturers to get the perfect lighting in the hangar. Other more creative lights, such as diffused light, are used when there is room for a lot of light to come in while the plane is in the air.

  1. Hangar Seating

One thing that makes aircraft hangars great is the availability of space for seating. Most manufacturers adhere to the up, down, and no-hinges rule of seating regarding where and how you will use your hangars. 


When designing a hangar, there are a few things to remember while planning out the space and designing the hangar itself. The first is the location of the hangar itself. If the location is too cold or too hot for the kind of craft that is taking place there, the building will not be suitable for that type of activity. The location also affects the size and type of the hangars as well as the lighting that is used inside of the hangars. 

The next important thing to remember is the building material you will use for your aircraft hangers. You should consider using stone, concrete, or some other building material as your base. This will help ensure that your hangars are weather-proof and will not rot in the wind or lack certain elements necessary for aircraft maintenance, such as wire mess. 

Lastly, you will want to keep in mind that your hangars’ design should reflect the building’s theme. This is important no matter what aircraft you are building, and it will help make the space more eye-opening by having large, detailed, and colorful panels that adorn the walls and ceiling.


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