Tips to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

According to reports, heating homes in winter accounts for more than 70% of energy consumption in a home. Yeah… feel free to rattle away on the calculator. How much does that amount to? What if you can cut that down significantly by using simple tips and tricks to keep your home warm?  

What can you do with the extra dollars you save when you cut down on energy consumption during winter? Of course! You can do a lot. Yes, we get it. You want to get started with the tips right away. So, let’s dive in!

  • Insulate your Windows

One of the most effective ways to insulate your home is to use heavier or insulated window coverings that trap in the heat. Consider using heavier lined custom curtains or blackout curtains. Do not use sheer fabric during winters. 

Another simple way to insulate your windows is by using air filled bubble wrap. While this does look unattractive, you can simply stick the bubble wraps to your windows with water and then close the lined curtains. This way, the warp layer won’t be seen and yet it will do its job. 

  • Do Not Block the Radiator

If you have a couch or any furniture blocking the opening of your radiator, shift them around the room to let the warm air circulate better around your rooms. This will make your home get warmer faster and better. 

If your radiator is attached to an external wall, you can also use foil behind the radiator to keep the warmth in the room instead of letting it escape through the walls. 

  • Make Sure the Furnace Filter is Clean

A dirty filter can be ineffective in heating up your room to its full potential. You need to regularly check and clean your furnace filter so it works properly and keeps your home warm. 

  • Invest in Heavier Window Treatments

Wintertime is the right time to swap the sheer custom roman shades or drapes with heavier fabrics. Or if you don’t want to remove your sheer window treatments, you can simply layer the sheers with heavier,  insulated window curtains

So, whether you currently have lightweight sheers or blinds, cover them up with heavy-lined drapes. Since winter is often a dreary season, consider buying your drapes in cheery colors to dispel the gloomy feel of winter. 

During the day, when the sun is bright and shining, open the curtains or custom roman shades to let the warmth flow through the glass. When it is dark and cold, close them to trap in the heat. Don’t forget to cover up any holes or gaps around your window frames.

  • Get a Thick Area Rug on the Floor

Without a doubt, your hard floor or tiled floor comes with a plethora of benefits but when you need warmth, they’re definitely not your ally. 

So, you may want to consider buying a thick area rug in winter to give your feet the much-needed warmth when you need to crawl out of bed. Other than the warmth and coziness, investing in faux sheepskin will also add a touch of style and class to your bedroom. 

Of course, you don’t have to go from store to store looking for a faux sheepskin. Any type of thick rug will do the trick.

  • Reverse the Ceiling Fan

News flash – the ceiling fan is not just for hot afternoons and nights. They can actually become a warmth generator. 

So, how do you get this to work? When you reverse the ceiling fan motor and it becomes clockwise, it generates an updraft that drives the warm air around the ceiling down. With this, you can reduce your thermostat and still feel warmer for longer. 

According to reports, this trick can save about 10% on your energy bill. By the way, consider using that opportunity to clean the fan blades since they are a good place for dust buildup. Accumulated dust over fan blades make them less effective and are also bad since they spread the same dust particles across the room again when they are switched on. 

You can simply slip a pillowcase over the blade one after the other and pull the fabric to the other side of the blade. This collects the dust inside the pillowcase and you never have to worry about dust drifting across your bedroom.

  • Blow Dry your Bed Sheets

This is a more uncommon tip but works very well. You can blow dry your bed sheets and blankets with a hairdryer. This is to keep your bed warm. 

Apart from blow drying the bed sheets and blankets, you can also layer-up your bedding with heavier fabrics. For instance, you can trade your sateen or percale sheets for flannel which are very good for heat insulation. Similarly, you can also change the fabric of your curtains and switch from light linens and cottons to velvets or wool in winters. 

Overall, this warmth will work towards insulating your entire room. 


These are quite easy and inexpensive ways to keep your home warmer during cold winter months. We hope you can incorporate as many of these ideas into your bedroom and get a warm and happy sleep all through winter. 


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