What is The Ideal Cut for a Radiant Diamond?

Radiant cut diamonds come in many shapes, however, the common ones are rectangles and squares since they are the ones that have the most perfect cut. Any cut with the following features is considered radiant cut: 61 to 69% table, 61-67% depth, and very thin to slightly thick girdle.  Radiant cut diamonds in Dallas are being offered by several diamond stores and you have to check on them to know who offers the best. 

Are radiant cut diamonds worth it?

With the advantages a radiant diamond can give to the buyer it can be worth it after all. Diamonds are loved for the way they sparkle and shine. Despite being expensive, people still continue to purchase them to satisfy their pleasure in wearing sparkly diamond jewelry. 

Pros of Radiant Diamonds 

Excellent Sparkle, fire, and brilliance

To get the most from your diamond purchase it will be wise to choose one that has an excellent rating on everything. Due to the 70 facets in its pavilion and crown, the radiant diamonds sparkle well and are next on the list of diamonds that can give excellent brilliance and fire next to round diamonds. Everyone wants a sparkly diamond and a radiant diamond can be a good choice if round diamonds are beyond your budget. 

Bigger in Appearance 

Because of its elongated shape, the radiant diamond will appear bigger compared to its actual size. This trick can save you from buying bigger carats since it can still satisfy the size of the diamonds despite getting a lower carat. The face-up area may be smaller than that of the round diamond but the elongated shape makes it appear bigger. 

Durability is better than other square diamonds

The durability can be guaranteed with radiant diamonds since they have a beveled corner which has a lesser tendency to be chipped. This can be perfect for people who have an active lifestyle since they can worry less about getting their diamonds damaged. 

Lesser Waste

Square diamonds can have less wasted potion as they are cut to their shape. Therefore they can be sold lower since they almost have a large percentage of their original form. Lesser effort will also be exerted to cut the diamond in its perfect cut, so they can be more affordable. You get to have a diamond with high fire and brilliance but at a more affordable price. 

Is a radiant-cut diamond a good cut?

With all the advantages of a radiant cut diamond, it will be a good choice. As long as the cut is excellent you can get your money’s worth. Therefore make sure that you buy from a store that has a skilled diamond cutter and an in-store gemologist can also be best. 

What is the ideal cut for a radiant diamond?

The length and width ratio of a diamond that is ideal would be between 1 and 1.05 for a square and 1.2 to 1.3 for a rectangular shape. This ratio is recommended since it can avoid the diamonds to have distracting “bowtie effect”. 

Are radiant diamonds sparkly?

Yes, since they have 70 facets on their pavilion and crown, they produce an excellent fire and brilliance that is almost comparable to that of a round diamond. That’s why they are recommended as alternatives to round diamonds because of this feature. 

Tips for picking the right radiant diamond 

  • Choose S1 or S2 for the clarity grade since the inclusion in a radiant diamond cut can easily be hidden so these clarity grades can still be ideal. 
  • For the color of radiant diamonds grade H or up is recommended to get the best brilliance, the more colorless the diamond the better brilliance it can produce. 
  • To get a certified radiant diamond, opting for diamonds with a grading report can give you more assurance since they can be guaranteed with their properties and supported by what is written on their certificate. 

So if you are planning to buy a diamond, better consider radiant diamonds since they have the features of an excellent diamond and can fit any jewelry. They are also more affordable than round diamonds which are popular because of their brilliance and fire. You can save and yet get the features you want from a diamond. 


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