The Ultimate Guide to SLU Login for New Students 

Saint Louis University is a private Jesuit research university that offers both undergraduate and graduate studies to national and international students. The university has been educating students for so many years now, and it is categorized as one of the top schools for providing a holistic learning environment. 

Students at SLU are provided with a student portal where they can learn more about their programs. The SLU portal can easily be accessed by any student with an online gadget such as a smartphone or laptop. This has made it easier for students to access important information about the school online without having to visit the school office physically. 

Additionally, international students are assisted with various services such as employment connections and immigration services. SLU has partnered with companies such as Interstride to ensure all their international students have the best experience in education, work, and life abroad. To learn more about SLU login, here is what you need to know. 

What Is the SLU Login Page?

As mentioned above, the SLU login page is an online page where students get to access their learning materials and school programs. To access it, every student has to provide their school identification number and password. The password is created with several characters to make it strong and unique. 

How to Log in on the SLU Portal for New Students

There are various steps to be followed when logging in on the SLU students’ portal. They include the following. 

·        Go to the SLU login portal and enter your credentials – On your browser, you need to visit your student portal and then type in your information, which is your student identification number and password. Next, click on the sign in button. 

·        Multifactor identification PIN – You might be required to enter a multifactor identification PIN that can be sent to you through text message.

·        Interact with essential information – To get more information about your education and campus life, you can access links to various resources. You can always visit “my dashboard” and review all the important information. 

What You Need to Access the SLU Login 

There are certain things you require to be able to access your SLU portal.

·        Login credentials – As mentioned above, the primary information required will be your student identification number and password, which should be unique.  

·        Web browser and internet connection – A web browser is important because it helps students navigate to and display the portal. The internet facilitates this connection to the SLU login. 

·        Password manager – A password manager is important since it allows students to store, manage, and generate their SLU login password. 


The SLU login is a convenient way for SLU students to access a wide variety of essential information and resources. As a new student, you can follow the above-described process for an easier and faster experience. The SLU login has made it simpler for every student to access all the school’s information without having to visit the school office physically and wait in line to meet with someone. The SLU login is especially indispensable for online students.


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