Why do I need acoustic battens?

An acoustic batten is a traditional soundproofing solution for either new build or refurbishment projects. 

If installed correctly, they help buildings meet Part E of the Building Regulations and Robust Details and keep impact and airborne sound transmission to a minimum. 

Acoustic battens are particularly effective for reducing impact sound transmission making them ideal for multistorey projects, such as hotels, student accommodations, and schools. 

But how do acoustic battens work and why might you need them on your site?

How do you fit acoustic battens?

Acoustic battens are traditionally formed from timber with a high-performance resilient layer on the underside. 

Battens are generally supplied in widths of 50mm or 80mm, but custom options are available with some suppliers. The length of battens can be completely custom, anywhere from 50mm to 250 mm.

  1. Position the perimeter edging strip at the base of all perimeter walls.

This creates a seal with the flooring and stops airborne and impact sound transmission. 

  1. The acoustic battens sit atop the concrete, steel, or timber subfloor.

Acoustic battens are installed foam side down at regular intervals, depending on specifications. 

This creates a gap in which services can be installed within the floor void, which can then be covered with mineral wool quilting if desired. 

  1. The chipboard deck and plasterboard planks can be laid on top. 

The chipboard deck and plasterboard planks will support the flooring and is suitable for a range of flooring types, including carpet, tile, and laminate. 

It is important to ensure that the chipboard is laid staggering the joints, all short edges of plank rest centrally on a batten, and that no screws penetrate the foam layer. 

  1. Apply waterproof PVA adhesive to all tongue and groove joints.

This ensures tight jointing.

Top tip: Ensure square edges only butt up against the perimeter edging strip.

  1. Fill any gaps with acoustic sealant.

This stops further sound from escaping from perimeters and gaps, while also reducing vibrations. 

  1. Fold the perimeter edging strip over the chipboard.

Installers will ensure the edging strip is trapped under the skirting board and the excess is trimmed to make sure it is finished flush with the skirting board. 

The completed floor should not be walked on for at least 48 hours to make sure the adhesive has enough time to fully cure.

Who might use acoustic battens?

Acoustic battens are perfect for use on timber, steel, and concrete floors in new or refurbishing projects. 

They are also ideal for multi-storey construction, as they are developed to ensure impact sounds are lessened between floors. 

This means that no matter how noisy the floors above and below are, you can relax and sleep peacefully. 

Multi-storey projects may include: 

  • Hotels 
  • Apartment or flat complexes
  • Duplexes and townhouses 
  • Student accommodation 
  • Shopping centres and malls 
  • Schools and college buildings 
  • Theatres and music halls 

Contact the acoustic batten and flooring experts

JCW Acoustic Flooring is a specialist installer of acoustic flooring, delivering solutions that meet or exceed Robust Details and Approved Document E. 

Contact JCW Acoustic Flooring, the acoustic batten and flooring experts today if you need help with acoustic battens.

If you need more approachable, expert assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with their team for advice on the best products for your needs. You can call JCW on 01204 548 400 or fill in an enquiry form, for a speedy reply.  

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