Top 7 Gifts for the Music Lover in Your Life

The German poet and lyricist Heinrich Heine once said, “Where words leave off, music begins.”  The same holds true with the gift of music.  Giving music-centric items to the audiophile in your life is a thoughtful and timeless way of saying “I love you.” So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the music-lover in your life, you’re in luck.  Here are some fabulous gift-giving ideas for discerning music connoisseurs that will make them light up during any occasion or holiday.

The Gift That Will Make Them Spin

We’re talking about turntables here.  Old-fashioned record players have come a long way since their heyday.  In fact, you can get a modern record player today with the most cutting-edge technology and stellar sound, and you can select from a ton of different options.  From ultra-contemporary looking to classic vintage, record players today come in all sizes, styles, and shapes.  You can even give your music-lover a portable record player so he or she can take their tunes on-the-go.

The Gift That Keeps Giving (every month)

While we’re on the topic of turntables, why not give your music-loving friend or family member a vinyl record subscription?  This is sure to be a homerun for the audiophile in your life because each month, they will receive new records that will keep their music collection freshy-fresh.  From classic rock to reggae, or Rachmaninoff to Randy Travis – there is no limit to the vinyl you can have delivered via subscription right to your loved-ones front door.

Get Them Pro ‘Phones

Have you heard the news?  Earbuds are out, and headphones are in.  But not just any headphones.  Give that special someone the perfect sound experience with a pair of professional, high-quality, ultra-HD headphones.  Shop for ‘phones from trusted experts in the industry, such as Bose, Sony, or Audio-Technica. The beauty of this music-centric gift is that it benefits you too if you’re not always a fan of listening to the same music your loved one is playing in your space.

Give Them the Gift of Knowledge

If your special someone loves music, odds are they might have a latent desire to create their own tunes. They may even have a life-long dream of becoming a career musician.  If so, consider purchasing music lessons for them.  You can opt to enroll them in traditional lessons such as guitar, piano, or voice coaching.  Or, go a little unorthodox by signing them up for xylophone or theremin lessons.  Whichever type of tutorial you choose, your loved one will surely get jazzed over learning a new musical skill.

Instrumental Gift-Giving

While music lessons are great, they don’t help much if your loved one doesn’t have an instrument.  Think about getting your music-lover that guitar they’ve always wanted and pair it with some lessons.  Or, perhaps your loved one is more of a listener rather than a creator of music.  That’s okay.  Consider getting an easy-to-play instrument such as a handpan or the bongos.  You never know, you might be encouraging the next world-famous harmonica player with your easy-to-learn instrument gift!

Say “I Love You” with Sick Tickets

One of the most excellent ways to please a music-lover in your life is to land a duo of concert tickets to his or her favorite group.  Acing sick tickets is a great way to give your special someone a smashing good time while also giving them a gift they’ll never forget.  And as a bonus for you – get two tickets and tag along if you’re a mutual fan of the venue!

Book a Date in a Recording Studio

If your loved one has a dream to be the next American Idol but can’t seem to get on the show, why not book them a session in a private recording studio?  The music-lover in your life will be over-the-moon to have a chance to use highly specialized music equipment and cut their own soundtracks in a pro studio.  If your loved one isn’t keen on recording, they might be thrilled if you can somehow book time in a studio with one of their favorite recording artists.

That’s a Wrap

We hope these top seven gifts for the music-lover in your life inspires you to ace the gift-giving game.  Remember, whatever you give your special someone, make it thoughtful and tailored to the type of music they love.  With a little brainstorming and investment, you’re sure to be number one on your loved one’s pop charts when you give them that perfect music-related gift.


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