Five Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient

These days, modern life demands a lot. Progress comes at a cost. The wealthier we get, the more we want. It is something that spreads through our society. The more successful we become; the more technology evolves. Tech has come to dominate the trajectory of human life. With new technologies, we can both reach the stars and create a more sustainable planet. It’s possible to make a better world and one way to do that is to start in the household. Below are five ways to make your home more efficient.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

One great place to start, especially if you live somewhere it gets cold, is with the heat in your house. The thermostat is the source of a lot of environmental damage and wasted money. When you buy a smart thermostat, you don’t need to leave it on when you leave for work. You’ll have the ability to control the temperature of your house from wherever you are using your phone.

Some smart thermostats may even allow you to change the temperature of each room. Think about how much money you save when you can turn on the thermostat on your way home. You won’t need to keep it on all day. These devices also have other energy-saving capabilities.

Replace Your Insulation

A great way to save even more money on your heat and air is to replace your insulation. Next time you have some free time, go up into the attic. When was the last time you went up there? If there insulation is up there, the insulation up there is probably outdated and old. It is likely torn and ineffective. If you replace the insulation, the air won’t leave through the ceiling. You can also insulate your windows. All of it will save you money on the thermostat and limit your impact on the environment.

Buy a Tankless Water Heater

Another area where you can save money and mitigate your impact on the environment is to buy a tankless water heater. With one of these water heaters, you don’t keep any water to heat—therefore saving a lot of energy. Over time, this can save a lot of money. You’re also being more practical and wasting less. When you are using a lot of water, you can run out of heat but that’s probably a sign you should be using less water in the shower. See if you have a water tank and you might be able to save money over time with a tankless heater.

Install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Beyond heat, you can also save money and water with a reverse osmosis water filter system. These filter systems filter out contaminants, dissolved salt, and sediment—providing cleaner and environmentally friendly water than bottled water. Think about how much plastic you will save. You will save water and drink better water. Some of these models are small enough to fit under the kitchen faucet. It is an investment worth making in any household setting.

Spring for the Energy-Saving Appliances

These days, appliances are advanced. The technology has improved, and they are more sustainable than before. Of course, the energy-saving technology is more expensive, but over time you will save even more money on the power than you spent on the appliances. Furthermore, these appliances will last longer than older appliances. They are much better devices than they used to be. Instead of being cheap and buying cheap appliances, you should spring for the energy-saving appliances. Look for the Energy Star logo.

The home is the place where you have the most control. We can blame corporations all we want, but we still buy their products. When we take control of our personal ability to change the world, we will think more outwardly. We will think more sustainably. It isn’t to change the world, but it’s easy to make the right choices.

Technology has evolved greatly, and those changes are augmenting our world and our lives. While we use more power, the solutions that technology provides are making things more efficient. If we use technology to make everything in our lives practical and more sustainable, it will slowly become a better place to live. Progress isn’t a straight line and the line is long, but if we work on our lives and our homes we can be satisfied with our own progress.


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