Top Unproductive Habits of Business Owners to Quit in 2021

It is your responsibility as the business owner to lead the pack with a personal example. Read complete information about Unproductive Habits of Business Owners to Quit.


As a business owner, you must assign some time for personal growth to make yourself qualified to make tough decisions. You can use this time to find the unproductive and bad habits that are affecting your business in the wrong way. It is essential to counter them as they cost a lot to your new business. 

You add some new traits in your personality and eliminate some to make the perfect combination for running a business. 

Here are the top unproductive habits you should let go of as early as possible to run a successful business.


A quick reaction to tackle disastrous situations is critical. But for the decisions that affect the organization in the long run, always be more proactive. You will plan and stay focused until the end. 

Proactiveness calls for organized behaviour to start with. Create a calendar for daily tasks and plan for at least a quarter. Make sure the bigger goals align with the stretched plan.

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The bullet of being late you are dodging daily adds to a significant amount of time you lost over a long period. Even 15 minutes daily make almost 8 hours by the end of the month. Therefore, you must stay punctual with the routine, not for some prioritize tasks.

The old-school method of setting an alarm clock 15 minutes early comes in handy to get ready on time. The focus on work will increase, ultimately, increasing productivity as well.


Many of us fail to deliver the project on time because of the habit of procrastination. The common belief of working better with procrastination doesn’t help either. Some may even use it as an excuse for sub-standard work.

The solution to this problem is working no matter how nervous or mentally unprepared you feel. If you have done it before, you can do it now. The idea is to eliminate the thought of putting a task for the future.

Unplanned Actions

There are times when planning feels a waste of time and resources. It makes more sense to start with the project instead of making a timeline for every activity. However, the roadblocks are more common when there is no plan devised for the situation.

Take the example of police forces, as they always plan, even during the emergencies where slightest delay can change the outcome of the whole operation. You must take time to create a to-do list before starting a new project or activity. Make sure the staff members are well aware of their roles and responsibilities. 


One of the most common causes of under-delivering in a project is overpromising made to the client. It is the fear of losing on the project while you raise red flags with the clients’ input. It leads to lost productivity, missed deadlines, and project failures.

Do not promise something you cannot deliver. This simple instruction is quite challenging to follow since the habit of pleasing people is not easy to quit. Be honest to the client about project requirements and outcomes, and ask questions to make things clear.


To stay ahead of the competition, you should never resist the change within the organization. The new ideas, habits, and technology can completely transform the working of your business. If you refuse to move forward, you are letting the competitors take the edge over you. 

Think of change as a step towards growth. It may seem ambiguous and uncertain at times, but adapting to it is the only way forward. Take your chances with the investment in new technology to increase productivity. Apply for Loans with no credit check in case the holidays require extra credit to make a huge profit.

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Constant Dissatisfaction 

It is okay to feel disappointed with the performance of the team. But the constant feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction demands a change from your side. You are the boss, and it is on you to bring the change. 

Go to the office with a positive mindset to bring a solution to the table instead of nagging. Ask your mentor or someone you trust for suggestions on countering the situations. 

Not Admitting Mistake

While running a business, mistakes are inevitable. It is time for you to take ownership and focus on resolving it. The clients will appreciate honesty over unsuccessful cover-up attempts. 

Think of the damage covering up will make to your reputation. Therefore, it is wise to admit the mishap and alert the client of possible setbacks.


Sloppiness at work is considered highly unprofessional and inconsiderate behaviour. You may want to enjoy a little slack when it comes to sloppy work as an owner. However, the example you are setting in front of employees will hurt the company.

Organize the workspace to make it look like a place for professionals. Clean the mess on your table and pull yourself together. Pay close attention to the details to let the client know you care about them.

Dramatic Behaviour

Strong reactions are not justified for every situation. It will shift the attention of the employees from the problem to the drama you have created. Instead of chaos, try to manage the situation with a calm attitude.

Do not try to meddle in petty issues that take unnecessary time. Manage the stress with some after-hours activity; take out your frustration there. Try to focus more on positives and less on negatives. 

Personal Issues at Work 

We face problems in our personal and professional life simultaneously. However, you should never let the personal problems take a critical time during professional hours. The personal calls at the office are robbing you of productive hours. 

Draw a line with personal and professional time. Maintaining the work-life balance is never easy and requires constant efforts. But you must focus on the task at hand before attending any call from home.

Running a business requires personal and professional growth over time from the leadership and employees. You can take help from numerous books written on the same subject to control these habits. Hope you loved reading “Unproductive Habits of Business Owners”

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