Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

The internet is a great place to find whatever you need; from information to technology, pets, to pet food, you can find it easily online. The internet is an ever-growing connection of computers allowing people to connect with one another. 

In fact, almost 5 billion people use and access the internet, making it the most comprehensive way to interact with others in the history of humankind. 

And with the vastness of the internet, there’s an unparalleled opportunity for entrepreneurs and individual businesses to make money online. 

An entrepreneur can choose a variety of industries and products to sell online, and this is to review some of the better categories to make money. 

Tech Products

High-ticket items like tech products are increasingly in demand and highly competitive. So unless you have a ton of capital and an exclusivity agreement with suppliers, becoming the next tech giant like Apple or Microsoft isn’t impossible, but it will be highly challenging. 

However, new businesses have plenty of room to do well in tech products that support primary devices. 

You can sell:

  • Phone cases
  • Tablet cases and keyboards
  • Earbuds and cases
  • Software for businesses

Other easy to make some money selling tech products online include; 

  • Phone review sites
  • Tech advertising videos
  • Gaming gear and game reviews
  • Videos showing how to utilize tech products with affiliate links

If tech products are something that you believe to be too competitive or not in your wheelhouse, you can consider selling in other categories, such as health products. 

Health Products

Before Tim Ferris was known for his 4-hour Work Week, he started by selling nutritional supplements, specifically a focus, productivity, and memory supplement. 

Like tech products, selling health products is highly competitive but like any concept in business, finding a niche in which you can operate is the sweet spot. 

Selling health supplements will require finding a supplier and establishing logistics, such as procuring and delivering orders to marketing and selling. 

However, like tech products, there are alternatives to selling health products directly. 

You can set up a website and deliver:

  • Nutritional supplement reviews
  • Diet plan reviews 
  • Deodorant and Antiperspirant reviews (holistic living)
  • Holistic Medicines, Alternative Therapies, and CBD reviews
  • Meal plan rankings and reviews
  • Exercise equipment reviews
  • Wellness retreat rankings

As you can see, you can delve into more than just selling health products directly. You can build an entire business by reviewing items others are already selling. 

Your primary income source may be advertising on your site or linking to a store such as Amazon, where you receive a residual for the product sold. 

The idea of selling from someone else’s webpage is the idea behind affiliate linking and joint ventures. 

Affiliate Products

Affiliate products are those that a business promotes in return for a small residual due to the sale that comes from nurturing the item. 

Online affiliate products are included all over. 

For example, if you create a website and link to an Amazon store or other landing page, a residual is paid to the marketer in return for a sale that comes from that marketing. 

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform on the planet. In effect, it is one giant affiliate product shop. Marketers create review sites, shopping pages, and more, and link to a store page on Amazon. 

When a person clicks a link to go to an Amazon page from a link on a blog post or social media, the marketer gets credit for bringing them to the Amazon page and receiving a payment from the store shop owner.  

Whether you’re looking to offset the rising costs of living or turn a small side gig into your primary source of income, the internet provides an immense opportunity. 

While many markets are saturated and highly competitive, there are niches you can enter into and find a way to make some money. 

Rather than trying to compete with Apple, consider creating a review site that compares Apple products versus Samsung or Microsoft and provides links to products that you can recommend. 

You can monetize your sites by either having paid advertising or affiliate links that pay you for the sales that come directly from your marketing links. 

The internet provides a reach of nearly 5 billion people, meaning the opportunity to make money online is almost as vast as the number of people online.


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