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Ways To Improve English Listening Skills

If you want to increase your English listening skills, you should select the strategy that best suits your needs.

Some people thrive in a classroom setting, while others prefer to work independently.

This article will show you how to put yourself in the proper situation and use the correct tools to quickly enhance your English listening abilities.

Study in small increments

Microlearning is the moniker given to my preferred learning style of studying for 15-20 minutes per day rather than several hours in one session.

Microlearning is the process of breaking down an activity into small chunks that may be completed in under five minutes.

Many scientific studies show that learning for 15 to 30 minutes per day is far superior to memorizing hundreds of new vocabulary and grammar rules in a single day. Try starting with learning some words, for example, positive words that start with H.

Microlearning should be incorporated into your English-learning practice. The best part about microlearning is that each task takes only five minutes to complete.

Learning with English Podcasts

Choose one episode from a podcast that you find fascinating or entertaining. For a week, listen to that episode while driving, riding the bus, etc. On the first and second days, check up on words or phrases that are difficult to understand. Press “pause” and listen again.

After a couple of days, you should be able to recognize and understand these terms. It may also be beneficial to memorize and practice speaking parts of the podcast aloud. Pay attention to the distinctions between you and the speaker.

You’ll notice that you’ve learned a lot more than you did the first on the last day. Listening to new English audio will be simpler once your ear has adjusted to hearing this English podcast episode.

Listen to a discussion in English

Spend an afternoon looking for an English discussion if you live somewhere where English is spoken. Slow down and pay attention when you first hear English. You won’t understand what they’re saying at first because you’ll most likely begin listening in the middle of the conversation. This will make understanding it even more difficult, but also more enjoyable.

Use “white noise” to your advantage

White noise can refer to a variety of things, and even native speakers may find the dictionary meaning confusing.

When it comes to “normal people,” I’d define white noise as any continuous sound that plays in the background while you’re doing anything else.

White noise is created by turning on the radio and listening to music while doing the dishes.

One of the benefits of white noise is that we rarely have to pay attention to it.

We can use white noise to our benefit when learning a language.

While you clean your flat or straighten your clothes, listen to a podcast, audiobook, or English series in the background (or do any other chore). Allow it to play as you go about your business.

You may believe that if you aren’t paying attention, you aren’t learning anything, but the truth is that your brain is registering everything that is going on in the background, and that white noise that you think is just filling the stillness is making your brain function.

Try out various accents

Some English accents may be difficult to understand at first. This is completely natural! Even native English speakers may struggle to understand various accents. However, all English dialects are lovely, and if you simply keep listening, you’ll understand them all.

If you find a certain English accent more difficult to comprehend, simply keep honing your listening skills with audio from that dialect.

Various audio speeds

It’s what it says on the tin. Choose a video from YouTube or any other platform or program that allows you to adjust the audio/video speed.

Select the 0.75 speed for your second listening. The identical video will be sped up by 75%. It will take longer, but you will be able to understand far more words and expressions than the first time.

Do the exact opposite of what you think you’re ready for. Choose 1.25 or 1.5 to speed up the video as your listening abilities improve, set new goals, and increase your speed.

Learning English and improving listening skills are just as important as making money. Always remember that practice makes a man perfect. Keep training, and you will be astounded by your English listening abilities.

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