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Where to Buy Crystals

The Truth About Crystal Shops & Websites

There isn’t a single place to purchase crystals. You can purchase high-quality authentic crystals at the neighborhood Crystal Shop or Metaphysical Shop.

False crystals is something that we must know about, however do not be swept up by the fear of buying fake crystals or be concerned. Sure, they are out there, but fake money and counterfeit everything as we think about it… Further details about this in the future.

The advantages of purchasing from bricks and mortar stores is that you can view the items up close, from all angles, touch these crystals as well as feel their energy in them directly. You are also able to select the exact form of the Tumble Stone or small Crystal Point you’d like.

The Internet has enabled people to purchase crystals that they wouldn’t ever even see fifteen years ago. I can remember how not long ago that many people were reluctant to purchase crystals from online stores, but now that’s an outdated notion. If you don’t buy crystals on the internet, your options are restricted unless you are close to a mine or in a place such as Tucson.

Always Buy From A Reputable Seller

When shopping online, make sure to purchase from a trustworthy seller. Look over their reviews, examine their photos in detail and ask questions if you need to. Look through their social media profiles.

Utilize crystal, gem or mineral guides to to identify the genuine thing. A lot of this can be learned from years of experience. Be wary of cheap crystals. If they sound too appealing in its promises, it likely isn’t.

If you’re interested in knowing where the crystal comes from and what it does not say, then you can ask them.

There’s a vast array of minerals and crystals and I purchase them online, at Shops as well as during Gem Shows. The information I provide here is purely my experience , and yours could differ. It’s a personal matter I’m trying to help people understand diverse issues.

Tips For Buying Crystals Online

If you have friends who love crystals, they might be able of recommending an excellent website or seller on the internet. If you’ve found a site by yourself, be sure to go through the site before you purchase anything. Are they offering a great range of crystals available with all sizes and shapes? Are the images clear and professional? Are they clear about the size of crystals? Are the more expensive pieces displayed in photographs at different angles?

Check if they have any customer reviews. I like to see whether they have a facebook page or any other social media sites. This indicates that they have an active site that is regularly constantly updated. If there’s something you require help with, write them an email and check if they’re helpful.

The drawback of many online stores is that you might not be able to pick the specific Tumble Stone you want. When it comes to larger crystals it is possible to be able see pictures of the actual crystal that you will receive, but make sure to confirm that this is the crystal’s case.

I don’t pay focus on the crystal properties on websites. I suggest you go with reliable crystal books as well as sources for properties. Some sellers make things seem exaggerated and really bad sellers might provide incorrect information. Shop owners and sellers online may make errors This is the reason I advise using reliable guides for reference, especially for the identification of stones.

Where to Buy Crystals

Aum & Garden

Aum & Garden is a boutique that offers everything you require to transform your garden and home your personal retreat. The crystals they sell online are small, cheap pieces, as well as more expensive and rare crystals.

House Of Intuition

With its headquarters located in Los Angeles, House of Intuition has established itself as a service provider of spiritual guidance and wellness with everything from candles to therapeutic baths to classes online. The good news is that their high-quality crystal collection is accessible on the internet to customers who wish to purchase no matter where they live. The crystal inventory of House of Intuition provides descriptions of the advantages of each stone, as well as the chakras they have a connection to.

The Sage Goddess

The Sage Goddess offers an array of many kinds of crystals, ranging including fossils and stone slabs as well as carvings, pillars, and even a smudge. The site is an excellent source for those who are aware of the type that crystal would you like purchase and are seeking the most amazing choices.

Energy Muse

If you’re not sure what to do when looking for a crystal to purchase, Crystal Muse has a glossary of terms to assist you in finding the ideal stone to suit your needs. Crystal Muse’s inventory is easy to use and labels every crystal with keywords, making it simple to locate the exact stone you’re looking for. They’re also stocked with bowls, touchstones, cell phone covers, crystal grids, and other items you’d like to see while browsing!

Sun Moon & Earth

Etsy is a fantastic site to shop and discover stores selling crystals, as well. Sun Moon & Earth is one of the top. Apart from offering genuine crystals Sun Moon & Earth also offers tumbled crystal chips as well as smoothed stones, pyramids as well as rare and large stones. It’s the ideal online store whether you’re a new crystal purchaser or searching for something unique to add to your collection.

Shiny Happy Spirit House

A different Etsy store, Shiny Happy Spirit House boasts an impressive selection of unique and interesting crystals available for purchase from all across the globe. You can spend a considerable time sifting through their selection of crystals that range from inexpensive to expensive.

Mandala Gems

In addition to complete scent kits and smudge kits, Mandala Gems has a huge selection of ethically sourced gems and crystals available to purchase online. They are sure to complete (or start!) any collection.

Bliss Crystals

Bliss Crystals is known for their large pieces of crystals that catch the eye however they also offer smaller healing bracelets and crystals constructed from stones such as quartz and tiger’s eyes. If you’re in the market for crystals that align with your sign of the stars or the energy of a specific sign Their meticulously labeled inventory will lead you to precisely where you’re supposed to be.

Moonrise Crystals

Julie Abouzelof, the owner of Moonrise Crystals, makes sure that she provides detailed information on the origin of every crystal she offers because ethically sourced and pure energy are her top priorities. Moonrise Crystals has a crystal index that categorizes stones according to their healing capabilities and also offers an array of stunningly polished crystals. It’s a fantastic source for anyone wanting to find out more about crystals prior to making a purchase.

Shopping for crystals is an extremely personal experience; the only person who can pick a crystal that is right for you is you. The internet has made it much easier than ever before to locate the crystal you’re searching for Sometimes, you don’t even realize you need to search for it. If you’re a serious collector or simply interested in crystals, these sites are certain to aid you in your hunt.

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