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Where to Buy a Desk

If you work at home, you’ll spend much of your time working at your desk, hours and even days every day. It’s therefore natural that you’ll need to select a desk that is stylish and practical. There are plenty of options where that you can buy desks, such as websites that are exclusively online, well-known big-box retailers, and smaller companies. A lot of sites have many options to pick from, including compact desks that fit into smaller spaces to LU-shaped or L for more expansive setups.

Here are some of our top stores to buy desks online.


It’s no surprise that you can buy almost everything manufactured by anyone on Amazon including desks. Amazon is an enormous online retailer that provides a variety of options that allow you to choose the ideal desk to your needs and space.

To narrow your options to narrow down your choices, you can sort desks according to price and the brand, wood finish as well as furniture materials. You can also search for desks by filtering them by the shape of the desk. This includes the peninsula, corner and rectangular desks, as well as L-shaped, rectangular and U-shaped desks.

In the majority of cases shipping is completely free. And since Amazon is such a renowned retailer and has a huge following, you can be sure of having plenty of reviews available to peruse and see what people’s opinions are about the desk before you add it to your shopping cart.


Similar to Amazon, Walmart is another huge retailer, boasting an extensive online presence and many brick-and-mortar locations that allow on-site shopping.

Walmart’s website is designed to help you locate the desk that’s perfect to your space. Although the retailer has a wide range of choices filters allow you filter your choices. For example, you can search by the material that are used to construct your desk (such as wood, glass and steel) in addition to the desk’s style and design. The filters for features could be very useful as they allow you to look at desks that come with keyboard trays, drawers or drawers or a hutch. You can mark those items in addition to other features that are commonly found in desks.

Once you’ve picked your preferred filters and narrowed the results to ensure that you’re left with a reasonable range of options to consider. Pictures of the desks help you evaluate them quickly.


Overstock is a furniture retailer with massive discounts on designer names. The online retailer also has its own private label brands to purchase, like Carson Carrington.

There are plenty of desks are nicely organized, with particular sections for the top desks available on the website. Like other online stores filters make it easier to search for desks: Sort desks by materials, brands and style size, color, or style to narrow the options. If you’re looking for a desk that’s affordable You can also filter by price. There are a lot of options within the $150-$150 range.

Container Store

It might be useful to search “desks” on the Container Store’s site, instead of going through the navigation of the site’s menu into”Desks and Chairs. “Desks and Chairs” section. This way, you’ll be able to see desk options, and you’ll be able to eliminate the numerous chairs offered at the Store.

Alongside a variety of conventional desks as well as a variety of standard desks, the Container Store also gives you the possibility to design an individual desk that is perfect for your space. The website will guide you through the process. Once you’ve selected the desk you want to use after which you’ll select the finish of your desk as well as leg options along with the color, and so on.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel offers many trendy, contemporary and attractive desks at an array of costs. There are numerous options suitable for rooms that are both large and small.

Similar to other sites There are filters availableto better narrow down the options available. But, as there is a only a few options, it is possible you’d like to browse through all the results to explore the possibilities. If you are trying to determine the best layout for your house, you can avail the interior design services offered by the store free of charge. There, you can talk with a designer and also make floor plans, mood boards and 3-D room views.

In contrast to other retailers, Crate & Barrel does not provide free shipping. Instead, unlimited delivery of your entire purchase is offered for the price of $149.

West Elm

People who love mid-century and modern design can have plenty of options for desks on West Elm. The majority of the top-selling desks in this store feature minimalist lines and thoughtful features. There are a variety of options which are ideal for smaller spaces, and desks that extend along the wall, which include shelves and bookcases and writing surfaces.

Expect prices to begin at about $350 and then increase from there. A variety of sorting options are available to filter your search for example, material, length and color, as well as price and even features. You can also filter your search by the desk’s sustainability, so should you be interested in fair trade products or local producers You can sort by these categories.

In certain products for certain items, there is a “ship to store” option is available, which can assist you in reducing shipping and handling charges.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn offers a warm and cozy style. It’s the best place to go when you’re in search of furniture that’s functional as well as timeless in style. There are plenty of options to choose from for those who prefer to be classified as traditional or country.

Similar to Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn offers a complimentary Interior design program that allows you to chat online with experts in design. If you’re looking for a more complicated or intricate issue, you can organize a meeting via virtual.


This Swedish giant has been a savior to anyone including college kids to people who are setting up their first house. Desks from this store typically are made of low-cost materials like plywood and particleboard. They are practical and affordable, however If you’re looking for an extremely stylish desk it’s best to look for something else.

The desks at IKEA are shipped flat and require assembly. The store has a wide range of choices, including desktops for laptops as well as storage desks and more. The standard sorting options, such as size and price as well as other options are offered to make shopping easy.


If you’re in search of standing desks Fully is an excellent alternative. The store offers two choices when it comes to standing desks that include the Remi as well as the Jarvis. Each desk has a range of options to alter the look the look, from color to frame. For instance, on the Jarvis desk you can choose the option with whiteboards as the desk’s surface so that you are able to sketch ideas. Desks are all covered by 10 years of warranty.

Where to Buy a Desk
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