Why Do You Need a WordPress Theme Detector?

WordPress hosts a large majority of the websites present on the Internet nowadays, and for this reason, many people who are looking to design their website will turn to WordPress, as well. But as they think of the different variables that go into it, they might try to draw inspiration from other WordPress-hosted websites.

This seems like a great idea on the surface, but even if they find a website that they want to draw inspiration from, they might not be able to narrow down exactly which template, plugins, etc., are running on that site.

This is where a WordPress theme detector could come in handy.

What Can a WordPress Theme Detector do for You?

Although there is one main function of WordPress theme detectors, they can help you in many different ways. So, let’s get into why you should have a WordPress theme detector!

It Can Provide You with New Design Ideas –

Sometimes when you’re designing a new website, you aren’t exactly sure which look you’re going for. In the decision, a lack of inspiration or a non-creative personality could get in the way of you choosing the perfect WordPress theme.

But with a WP theme detector, the hard work can be done for you. By seeing themes, you like being able to actually identify them. You’ll have an influx of design ideas for your own website!

You Can Make Sure a Theme is High-Quality –

The last thing you want when you’re launching a new site is something going wrong. But, unfortunately, glitches are common in technology, and sadly they can even occur with WordPress themes. These potential glitches could ruin a user’s experience and discourage them from visiting your site again.

That’s why it’s important to know if a theme is reliable before for you to use it. And if you’re using a WP theme detector, then you can choose themes that you see working for other people. This way, you don’t have to test the quality of the theme yourself.

With the Chrome Extension of The WP Theme Detector, It’s Easier Than Ever –

With the Themesinfo Chrome extension, you can detect WordPress themes and plugins while browsing the Internet. You don’t need to type in URLs or other information, all you have to do is look at the website you’re interested in.

And the extension runs a lot faster than some others due to the fact that it relies on the connection of Themesinfo’s server-side API and not your browser connection.

In Conclusion…

There are a lot of reasons why having a WP theme detector is helpful, and hopefully, this article has explained a few of the main ones. I highly suggest you get the Themesinfo WordPress theme detector, it’s definitely something that you won’t regret having, and the Chrome extension can make the experience even more efficient!

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