6 things that need your attention while buying plastic cosmetic tubes

Plastic cosmetic tubes are the standard packaging container, so maintaining the quality of the plastic squeeze tubes is very important for any brand. But what should be paid attention to when purchasing plastic squeeze tubes wholesale? Everything you need to know before buying plastic squeeze tubes is explained below.

1.  The wall thickness of the plastic cosmetic tubes:

The wall thickness of the plastic cosmetic tubes directly affects the weight of the product and the stability of the product. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall thickness of the squeeze tube, the heavier it is. On the contrary, if it is too thin, it will easily cause leakage or damage.

The wall thickness of the plastic squeeze tube should also be uniform. If it is thicker in some places, thinner in some places, or even exposed on the inner wall, it is a defective product. Therefore, you must pay attention to whether the wall thickness of each part of the plastic tubes is uniform when dealing with plastic cosmetic tube supplier.

2.  The printing surface of the plastic squeeze tube:

The printing surface of the cosmetic tube containers is printed with a logo, pattern and text. Therefore, when dealing in plastic squeeze tubes wholesale, cosmetic tube supplier should pay attention to whether the design is coordinated and unified.

Generally speaking, good-quality cosmetic tubes are printed with design patterns on their surface, which can reflect their grade. You must check whether there are design patterns on its surface when purchasing cosmetic squeeze tube by bulk. If there is no pattern or only an incomplete pattern on its surface, it is likely that it is made up of inferior materials.

3.  The heat sealing strength of the plastic cosmetic tube:

The cover of the plastic makeup tube has two functions:

  • One is to protect the product from pollution and prolong its shelf life.
  • The other is to meet certain sealing requirements.

The strength of the cover can be easily judged by its feel! When closing gently by hand, if you feel tightness or toughness, or even some resistance, then this will be a good cover! Otherwise, it does not have a tight fit with the cosmetic tube mouth.

The high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance and pressure resistance of the plastic squeeze tubes are tested by supplier in the heat sealing test.

This test uses a special equipment to provide a certain amount of pressure, and place a plastic makeup tube on it. When the device reaches a certain temperature, the plastic cosmetic tube is heated, and then cooled and removed from the device.

After cooling down, if there is no blistering or cracking on the makeup tube, it indicates that the heat sealing strength of the plastic tube is good. The heat sealing strength is an important indicator of the quality of the plastic cosmetic tube containers.

4.  Whether the specification of plastic squeeze tube is accurate:

Plastic squeeze tubes and caps should have a unified standard size customized by cosmetic tube supplier. You can use different devices to measure whether their specifications are accurate. If it does not meet the standards, you need to find another plastic cosmetic tube supplier!

When buying plastic squeeze tubes wholesale from plastic cosmetic tube supplier, you must also check whether the size marked on them conforms to industry standards. Nowadays, in order to save costs and increase profits, some plastic cosmetic tube suppliers use small-size specifications for production, which seriously deviates from industry standards. This has not only caused great inconvenience to consumers but also affected product quality.

When designing a plastic makeup tube for automatic capping (such as screw cap), make sure that the cap can be placed smoothly on the mouth of the plastic tube.

When designing a plastic cosmetic tube for automatic plugging, note that there are no obstacles preventing the plug from entering.

5.  The shape of the plastic makeup tube:

Many brands ignore the shape while choosing a plastic tube, but the shape is an important and impactful characteristic of a plastic skincare tube. An attractive variety of makeup tube shapes can help you stand out among your competitors.

In the plastic tube industry, the outer shape of the plastic tube is not only rich in material and unique in appearance, but also has a certain degree of impactful design. The outer shape design of the plastic cosmetic tubes should mainly be selected through the following aspects:

  • The outer shape design should have a certain degree of overall coordination with the product packaging.
  • It is best to use a style that is not too common in other products in order to distinguish it from other products.
  • The outer shape design should be simple and clear, easy to produce, and easy to mold, which can reduce cosmetic tube production costs.
  • The outer shape should be simple and easy to manufacture, and there should be no sharp edges or corners.
  • The outer shape should be designed with the filling machine and the capping machine in mind.

6.  Select the appropriate squeeze tube based on the product:

During the selection of plastic squeeze tubes, you should also consider the compatibility of the plastic tubes and the product.

For example, plastic tubes containing products with a lot of chemical products should be selected from high-grade plastics.

To give you a more realistic approach,

  • Plastic tubes for hair-dyeing products should be selected from PP or PE materials.
  • For bath lotion and shampoo, PET material is more suitable.
  • For perfume, cologne and other volatile liquids, use glass containers.
  • For oil-based liquid cream, PVC material The tube is better.
  • For bleach and other corrosive liquids, use HDPE materials.

Some additional tips:

  • The appearance of the cosmetic tube containers should be smooth and free of oil stains or mold marks.
  • No bubbles, wrinkles, or cracks should be allowed to occur on the surface of the plastic tube.
  • The mouth of the plastic squeeze tubes should be free from burrs and cracks.
  • The base of the plastic tube should be smooth and flat, and there shouldn’t be any leakage phenomenon.
  • The plastic squeeze tubes wholesale shouldn’t be too small or too large, so that people can easily take the product out.
  • When purchasing a plastic tube, you can knock on it to test whether it creates a sound of thud or not. This sound test is a great indication of plastic cosmetic tube sturdiness.

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