PCR cosmetic tube packaging

The latest trend in the skincare and cosmetic industry is to make the various products and their packaging recyclable and biodegradable. This trend is popularizing PCR cosmetic tube packaging amazingly fast and there is a solid reason behind it. PCR cosmetic tubes by cosmetic tube manufacturers are helping the environment by reducing the amount of plastic going into landfills. It’s great if you can buy products that are safe and eco-friendly. But it’s even better if those products come in packaging that is also safe and eco-friendly.

PCR cosmetic packaging being both eco-friendly and cost-effect, is posing to be the ecological alternative to plastic in coming years. If you are running a cosmetic brand, you will definitely need to participate in this miraculous PCR revolution. Don’t know anything about PCR cosmetic packaging? Worry not! This article has everything you need to know regarding PCR cosmetic tubes.

What are PCR cosmetic tubes?

Post-consumer recycled(PCR) raw material is made from plastic that has been collected, processed, and remanufactured into new resins. It’s not to be confused with industrial recycling, where waste materials are converted back into production material.

Once plastic has been used by the consumer, it is difficult to recycle again, because contamination from its original use makes it unsuitable for direct reuse. Post-consumer recycled raw material is cleaned and reprocessed to remove contaminants and impurities, then remanufactured into a new product.

Once the post-consumer raw material has been cleaned and remanufactured in cosmetic tube factory, it is fed into an extruder machine. The extruder melts the material then forces it through a small opening called a die in a continuous string of tubing. This creates a fine layer of plastic, which gets cut into individual eco friendly tube of varying diameters.

Benefits of Using Post Consumer Recycled Tubes:

There are several benefits of using post consumer recycled tubes as compared with other eco  friendly tube materials:

  • These cosmetic plastic squeeze tubes are recyclable and biodegradable
  • They are made from waste plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills
  • They help preserve the environment
  • They offer an economical alternative to other types of packaging.

Why is PCR cosmetic packaging useful?

Post Consumer Recycled Tubes are considered a premium product for good reason for both cosmetic tube manufacturer and cosmetic companies. They offer many benefits to companies that choose them over other packaging options. The obvious benefit of these tubes is that they reduce landfill waste. The material used in the manufacturing of these tubes is made from recycled materials meaning that there is less material ending up in landfills around the world.

Another benefit is a decreased carbon footprint. Every step of the production process uses less energy meaning a reduced impact on the environment. PCR cosmetic tubes are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of eco-friendly consumers. By using 100% recycled materials, this cosmetic tube packaging is ideal for companies looking to reduce landfill waste.

The plastics industry is working on ways to increase the amount of plastic that is recycled, and PCR tubes are one step in the right direction. By using PCR products for your lotions or creams, you’re helping to keep non-recyclable materials out of landfills and giving new life to materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Even though recycled tubes are more expensive to make than conventional plastic, there are a number of benefits to using post consumer recycled tubes including:

  • Producing recycled squeeze tubes takes less energy than producing conventional plastic tubes from virgin materials.
  • Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of sustainable packaging options. Consumers who are eco-conscious are more likely to choose products with eco friendly tubes.
  • Using natural resources like crude oil can be harmful to the environment. PCR cosmetic tube packaging reduces our dependency on these resources and helps conserve them for future generations.
  • The raw materials used to manufacture virgin plastic tubes by cosmetic tube supplier will emit greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere which cause global warming.
  • Virgin plastic production requires high energy consumption which significantly contributes to global warming. PCR cosmetic tubes are made from post-consumer waste that is processed by using 71% less energy than manufacturing virgin plastic squeeze tubes. Thus, this helps in saving energy and reducing carbon footprints on earth.
  • Finally, these tubes have become more affordable than some alternatives meaning they may be cheaper than other eco-friendly cosmetic packaging options on the market today.

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