Dealing with Sensitive Skin in Babies

Babies naturally have quite sensitive skin, so you must take care and look out for things like nappy rash or irritation of other kinds. However, some babies have especially sensitive skin, and they are more prone to these kinds of skin issues. In this case, you need to adjust their routine and make some changes to protect their skin. There are a lot of simple things you can do to help manage sensitive skin in babies and keep them comfortable and happy. Here are some of the best things to try.

Change Washing Detergent

Often, babies have reactions to harsh washing detergents. If you wash their clothes with detergents that use a lot of tough chemicals, babies with sensitive skin will react and get rashes and dry skin all over. If you notice that they are constantly coming up in rashes, consider using a different detergent. You can get all-natural washing detergents that are made with simple ingredients that are less likely to irritate their skin. There are also specific baby brands that are designed to be kind to their sensitive skin.

Use Gentle Soaps

Soaps often have the same problem as detergents. Harsh soaps that adults use can often be too strong for a baby’s skin, especially if it’s particularly sensitive. So, when you are looking for soap, buy from companies that sell natural baby supplies and soaps with all-natural ingredients. Fewer ingredients are usually better because it means that fewer additives could potentially damage your baby’s skin. If there are lots of ingredients with complicated names that you have never heard of, that’s not a great sign.

However, even natural soaps can still irritate your baby’s skin. So, whenever you are using a new product, always use a small amount as a test first, to make sure that they don’t react.

Avoid Bathing Too Often

It’s important to keep your baby clean, and if you don’t wash them properly, this can lead to more skin issues. However, a lot of parents bathe their babies too often and this can cause skin irritation. Bathing them every few days is fine, as long as you use a damp cloth to clean them in between. You should also monitor the temperature of the water too. If it is too hot, it will dry their skin out and cause more irritation and rashes. You can find more information about the ideal temperature here.

Call Your Doctor

It’s normal for babies to develop skin rashes and redness from time to time. Usually, this will fade in a few days if you apply creams and make sure that their skin is dry and protected. However, the rash is sometimes caused by something more serious than normal skin irritation. It could be down to an ongoing condition, like eczema, or an allergic reaction to something. In this case, you need the advice of your doctor, who will prescribe special treatments. So, if you have made some changes and the redness is still not going away, you should call a doctor right away. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your baby’s skin soft and stop any irritation and discomfort.


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