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The most annoying pests that you may find in your home are mice. Read Brass Tacks about Mice Control in Toronto to get rid of them.


The most annoying pests that you may find in your home are mice. The mice are the most problematic pests in Toronto, so one needs to consider mice control in Toronto to deal with them. Aside from the annoying disturbances that the mice create, they contain many dangerous and contagious diseases. Some of the diseases that the mice carry can even lead to death.

Mice carry diseases, such as Salmonellosis and Hantavirus. We have already discussed that the mice are the annoying pests to infiltrate one’s, so one needs to consider pest control services in Toronto to deal with mice’s problem. 

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Some Signs of Mice Infiltration:-

Here are some signs of mice infiltration:

  • If you hear the gnawing sounds in your house, it means mice have infiltrated your house.
  • If you see your pests behaving weirdly in your home, it’s also one sign of mice infiltration.
  • If you see droppings in your house, it’s also a sign of mice infiltration.
  • If you see grease marks on your floors or walls, it’s also one of the signs of mice infiltration.

To get rid of the mice from your home for good, you need proper techniques and a bit of knowledge.

What Do the Mice Like to Eat?

You may have seen in the famous cartoon, ‘Tom and Jerry’, that cheese is the mice’s favorite food; however, the case is not like that. The mice prefer cereals and biscuits over cheese. The mice also get attracted to the litter and garbage with uncollected items; they may pay attention to the uneaten pet foods and compost piles.

They do not need too much water and can get it from the food they may find and eat. The mice’s mealtimes are dawn or dusk, and they usually have snacks between dawn and dusk. So, you may never notice that the mice have attacked your food storage, furniture, or walls.

How Can You Know That Your House Is In Threat to the Mice?

If you see droppings near your food storage and holes on the cupboards, walls, or other furniture, it means your house is in threat to the mice. You may also smell a strong and musky smell if the mice have infiltrated your home. You will also hear scratching sounds during the night. The mice are naughty beings, as they usually come to your home searching for food and shelter while making a mess of things. 

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How can you confirm: The mice have infiltrated your house? If you ask us, we shall tell you that if you notice the signs of mice infestations in your home, it means the mice have invaded your house. The right thing to do for mice controls around Toronto is to contact the pest control experts who are well-known for pest control in Toronto.

What Can You Do to Avoid the Mice?

You should make sure that your house is clean. The mice don’t usually get attracted to clean surfaces but can be attracted to food scraps and uncollected litter. You should have a close check at the back of your furniture and holes on the walls. Why? 

Because these areas are the usual habitat for mice. If you see any holes, make sure you seal them with concrete, metal covers, or copper wires. If there are no openings in your house, it can hinder the mice from collecting the food and breeding.

Which Is The Ideal Solution for Mice Control?

The mouse traps are considered one of the best ways to capture the mice; however, you will need to make sure that your trap’s trigger is placed against the wall. Keep the traps away from your children and pets. Where should you place the traps? It would be best to place the traps in the areas where the mice may be living in your home. Carefully put the bait on the traps, such as fruits and biscuits, to grab the attention of these annoying rodents to get them trapped. Once you catch the mice, dispose of them wearing gloves as they carry harmful germs and diseases with them. 

Using the Poison:-

You can use the poison to get rid of the mice and make sure that you dispose of the dead mice as quickly as possible; otherwise, they may attract insects to feed on their dead bodies and make things even worse for you.


Of course, you can deal with the mice problem on your own; still, it’s better to leave this job to the experts who are experts at mice control in Toronto. The mice contain contagious diseases, and some of them are deadly. The gnawing sounds in your house are an indication that the mice have invaded your home. Remember, the mice feed on cereals than cheese.

A mousetrap is an ideal solution to deal with the mice though you can also use poison. Finally, you should consider calling the pest control service in Toronto if you see the signs of the mice infestation in your home and want to deal with the mice efficiently.

If you want to learn about controlling pests and dealing with them, you should feel free to contact Pesticon, a pest control company, an expert at pest control in Toronto.

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