How to Encourage your Child to Read Independently without any Help?

Guide about Encourage your Child to Read Independently without any help. How Can Parents Motivate Them to Read books alone?


Don’t you ever wish your child will independently take up a book and self read without you telling them to do so? But they would prefer to play games on the phone 24/7. We have gathered a few tips on how to get them devouring books instead. 

How Can Parents Motivate Them to Read?

Set an Example

A chip off the old block. Children tend to mimic their parent’s behavior, especially young children. That is why parents need to read in front of their children. It can be anything from newspapers to magazines; as long as you read something, encourage your child to join you with his or her reading materials. Doing this shows the importance of reading, and it could be turned into a routine. 

If you would like to make things more fun, you could ask your child to talk about what they read like, which was their favorite part after they have finished their book. Not only will it enhance their comprehension skills, but it’s also a chance for the family to bond. 

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Reading Together

Browsing through parenting blogs or books, experts always encourage parents to read together with their children even before they could recognize the alphabet. This is because it will help them develop their reading and writing skills and expand their vocabulary. When you read to them, the child will learn how the words are pronounced and pair them with meaning. That’s is why it’s essential to allocate some time to read aloud with your child. 

However, there could be times where you have other matters to attend to. An alternative would be to search for Ebooks with a read-aloud feature, for example, Scholastic Library. Their ebooks have a feature where users can read out all the words in the book. The best part is it comes with a word definition tool. If there’s any word that your child does not understand, all they have to do is click on it, and an explanation will appear. 

Let Them Choose Their Books

Sometimes you might find that your child does not like to read. However, it could be because he or she hasn’t found the right book yet. So they might feel that reading is a chore and that it’s difficult and boring. 

That’s why it’s important to let children decide what they would like to read. Maybe they have an interest in recipes, so they are more inclined to read cookbooks. Or they are still more interested in picture books; you can introduce them to comics. By exposing them to different book genres and letting them explore their reading interest, they might be more inclined to engage in reading by themselves. 

Visit Your Local Library

If you’re a parent who doesn’t like to read or you’re too busy to do so, having a weekly trip to the local library is a great idea. Internet connections are available in libraries so you could get some work done or have some me-time while your child surveys the books in the library. 

If visiting the local library is not an available option for you. Don’t fret; the other alternative is that you could sign them up for a learning center or preschool with reading activities. These places also tend to have a designated library for children to borrow home books.

Turn their favorite cartoon show or movie into a book.

Books are usually made into movies. However, when the movie is too popular, the sequel gets turned into books instead of the movie “Frozen.” We can argue that it was loosely based on a book; however, because of its fantastic popularity among children, Anna and Elsa’s adventures are continued through a series of books. So if your child loves the Frozen movies and hasn’t been too fond of reading, it looks like you know what to get them on their next birthday. 

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Make Sure Not to Use Reading as a Form of Punishment

This might seem odd to some parents, yet it’s pretty common. For instance, some parents aren’t too happy with their kids playing too many games or watching too much TV, so they will limit the time and pass them a book instead. This might cause the child to associate reading as a form of punishment instead of another form of entertainment. 

So make reading fun, and your child will always be excited to grab a book and start reading. 

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