How important is it to have Workplace English Communication Skills?

How important is it to have Workplace English Communication Skills

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In today’s global society, every business is increasingly focused on expanding across borders. With English often being exercised as an international route of communication, the ability to communicate in this language is considered a huge asset by most companies. This capability using English in the workplace has a significant number of benefits, which we are here to talk about.

According to a Cambridge English report, roughly a quarter (1.75 billion people) of the global population speaks English regularly. That’s not all; a vast majority of people (over 1 billion) belong to this category are non-native English speakers!

This all leads me to believe that English is mandatory in organizations, including those who have a different official language. Companies who conduct business internationally have to rely on engaging with people who speak English to push the business forward. This, in turn, makes the ability to use English in the workplace a high-valuable skill.

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Translating your ideas and negotiating successfully with international clients who speak English can make your candidature more attractive to recruiters. A few allied skills-sets that employees who speak English naturally demonstrate and can often command higher wages. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Helping your company achieve its targets;
  • Building trust with clients and colleagues;
  • Improved international relationships;
  • Increased cultural understanding;
  • Enhanced international relationships. 

Good English knowledge allows you to connect effectively with global clients, allowing you to flourish your business. Employees who use English regularly gain more trust from an organization to acquire healthy and lasting business relationships. They can employ this for various purposes, including in writing reports, addressing meetings and negotiations, managing, giving presentations, and in social situations. 

If you can speak English fluently, it exudes confidence, giving potential employers a hint that you have either experienced English culture or pursued academics to some extent. This diversified background can be crucial for employers who want to deal with or sell their products to English speaking countries. Here’s something to remember, international business communication is not just restricted to verbal communication, but with gestures and mannerisms.

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With more and more organizations requiring employees who can compose emails, write reports, and use their English communication abilities in social contexts, this language’s soft skills are growing increasingly important. While at work, you are expected to utilize your language skills in forming lasting business connections. This can ultimately lead to the development of your cultural awareness and social differences, which may have previously hindered your overall communication and how your thoughts were interpreted.


Apply to a specialized workplace English program today and broaden your horizon by using English in a professional context. Opting for this course will give you intensive training in developing interpersonal skills and applying them to various business and social situations. Click here to know more about workplace English.

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