How Do I Avoid Concussions In Boxing?

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If you’re looking to start boxing or have been boxing for some time now, you’ve probably heard about concussions. But what are they, and how do you avoid them? While nobody likes to get hurt when they’re doing something they love, it can be incredibly frustrating to go into something without knowing the risks and possible injuries that may come about. Read on to learn more about avoiding concussions in boxing and keeping yourself healthy and safe in the ring.

Use proper headgear

If you’re looking for ways to avoid concussions, use the proper headgear and boxing gloves from Sporteq. Many styles are available on the market, but some of the best ones are made with a polycarbonate shell and foam lining that acts as a shock absorber. The headgear’s purpose is to protect your face from injury and your brain from impact.

Don’t get hit in the head.

A concussion is one of the most common types of brain injury and can result in a range of short- and long-term symptoms. It’s also tough to diagnose, so athletes and coaches must take steps to prevent them. To reduce your risk of getting a concussion: don’t fight if you’re feeling woozy. Make sure you have a mouth guard; don’t spar without proper headgear; wear protective gear such as boxing gloves and wraps when fighting.

Use good footwork

The best way to avoid concussions is by using good footwork. Good footwork will keep you on your toes, keeping your head away from the punch and allowing you more time to react. The quicker you respond, the less likely a concussion will happen. There is no guarantee that someone won’t get hit, but these tips will make it less likely. Remember, it’s better to get hit than not be ready for when it happens.

Keep your hands up

One of the best ways to avoid concussions is by keeping your hands up. Keeping your hands up puts a barrier between your face and the opponent’s fists. This saves you from getting hit in the face, which can lead to a concussion. However, it is only sometimes possible to have your hands up at all times. If you are going to get knocked down and cannot get them back up again before the next punch comes, make sure that your chin doesn’t go past your fist.


Many people think the best way to avoid concussions is by wearing headgear. However, studies have shown that wearing headgear doesn’t make much difference, and it’s more important for you to relax your neck muscles. To do this, you should focus on relaxing your neck muscles when doing drills or sparring with a partner. Try not to tense up when someone punches you, and try not to tense up your neck muscles after the punch is thrown.


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