Do You Still Need Fit To Fly Test In 2023?

To determine your ability to fly or enter a nation based on your COVID-19 infection status, you must take the Fit-To-Fly test before departure. Many destinations and airlines demand the Fit-To-Fly COVID test to ensure travellers are healthy enough to fly without spreading the virus. If your Fit-To-Fly test results are positive and your COVID-19 infection is positive, you will be deemed “unfit” to fly and unable to complete your intended trip. With a swab of your nose and throat, the COVID-19 Fit to Fly test are available.

When ought a person to take a Fit to Fly test?

The timing of COVID-19 testing and travelling is crucial. While most EU member nations require the sample for the test to be taken 72 hours before departure, there are circumstances where this might be as little as 24 hours or otherwise when travelling further afield. It is possible to book a test late, but you can also be too early. Some even need the report to be issued 48 hours after arrival at the terminus. Therefore, you must research both the local and international requirements before travelling.

What happens if the fit to fly tests positive?

If your Fit-To-Fly test results are favourable, your intended journey will not be possible. If your Fit-To-Fly test result is affirmative, your airline or your country of destination will not let you go. You will need to isolate yourself for some days before starting your journey.

What should you do if your fit to fly test is negative?

If the results of your Fit-To-Fly test are negative, you can proceed with your intended journey. If your Covid test result is negative, you will obtain a Fit-To-Fly certificate allowing you to fly anywhere.

What are the requirements of fit to fly test?

Depending on your trip destination, immunization status, airline, and other considerations, different people have different Fit-To-Fly test requirements. For further details on whether a Fit-To-Fly test is crucial for your trip and whether there are any requirements for the testing technique (such as PCR/LFD), check the entrance requirements and speak with your airline or travel agent. Before you go on any overseas travel, it is crucial to routinely verify the most recent information because regulations are vulnerable to change at any time with little notice.

Official Rapid Tests is best for the fit-to-fly test

On their website, you can easily book your fit to fly test with Official Rapid Tests in only three steps.

  1. Order test online
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Official Rapid Tests are the most affordable in the UK. They have the highest rating of any supplier listed by the UK government. With more than 99.8% of results delivered on schedule. Choose from PCR Fit-To-Fly Self-Test Kits, PCR Fit-To-Fly In-clinic Testing, or Lateral Flow/LFD Fit-To-Fly Self-Test Kits, and book your test with Official Rapid Tests once you are aware of your precise Fit-To-Fly requirements. View the entire selection of COVID-19 travel tests.


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