How text messaging is improving concierge services

Texting is playing a great role in everyday life and businesses are catching on to its appeal by implementing texting services. Due to the flexibility of this communication method, text messages are used for multiple purposes like reminders, promotions, or weather warnings.

Guests who want to require advantage of the service can do so right after they sign on because the front desk registers their number into the hotel’s system, customers can begin making requests straight away – even after they aren’t on the accommodation’s grounds.

A landline texting for concierge businesses has great potential within the hospitality industry. Employees don’t should look ahead to stationary at a desk and a pleasing hotel experience can cause returning guests. Swift SMS gateway can assist in developing this kind of text messaging platform. Here are some reasons why using text messaging is a part of your hotel concierge service.

Automated messages save guests precious time and staff

Nobody wants to attend two minutes and press five keys to search out how late the pool is open. Rather than making people assist the phone to pay attention to the whole length of the typically recorded message to seek out one piece of data, use an automatic texting service for concierge businesses to send them answers immediately.

Guests can simply text in an exceedingly specific question and receive an automatic answer. This capability may be used for restaurant hours, check-out times, facility locations, and anything that needs a “stock” answer from staff. This, in turn, saves both guests and staff valuable time while not cutting any corners within the quality of service.

SMS resolves customer complaints faster

One of the most advantages of using concierge landline messaging within the hotel industry is that guests can send a text message from wherever they’re, not just in their bed-chamber. This capability allows hotels to expand their services to fulfill the stress of the guests both inside and out of doors of their rooms.

As an example, guests can contact valet services at the identical time that they’re summoning their dinner check; request iron service, food, or other amenities poolside; or maybe contact hotel staff while they’re outside of hotel property in anticipation of another need. This ability to succeed in hotel staff from any location offers a large leg au fait the normal sleeping room call.

SMS saves a record of each customer interaction

One of the most advantages of a text message conversation is that it allows patrons to skip the little talk and obtain straight to the purpose. Now not will a guest must have a harried conversation about once they asked for an ice bucket to be sent up. By anticipating a guest’s needs, the program can create loyalty between clientele and encourage them to stay return.

Hotels can even collect and analyze data collected via SMS to anticipate common needs or areas for improvement. Sending a text message survey as guests are leaving the hotel may be a good way to capture information immediately so the experience is fresh on their minds and doesn’t require them to fill out paperwork or go browsing.

SMS fosters an improved client relationship than phone calls

Traditionally when a guest makes a telephone call to the front desk, they state their request or concern, hang up, and don’t have any further communication with the hotel staff. Concierge business texting service offers a higher alternative to the current system by being less of a one-time line and more of an ongoing service.

For instance, a hotel can send a follow-up text message to a guest who requested laundry services and see if they need any additional needs. This conversation is viewed within the same thread on the guest’s phone because of the previous request, giving her a more continuous experience throughout her stay. Guests are more likely to stay texting the hotel if they engage with the staff, thereby resulting in a stronger relationship over time.

SMS has become the norm and not the exception

As many hotels start to use text messaging, SMS is fastly becoming the norm and not the exception. This, in turn, ends up in a familiarity with the practice that implies that guests may very well begin to expect an SMS concierge service to interchange the more traditional phone systems. More hotels of all sorts are starting to accommodate guests unwilling or unable to fumble with an area phone to call a concierge. read more

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