5 Important Things You Should Know About Studying Abroad

Important Tips which every student must know before thinking about Studying Abroad. Read and share with everyone who is planning to study abroad.


Studying abroad is every kid’s dream. It’s exciting as you as a student get a chance to go out of his “comfort horizon”, meet new people, and land a job to finance the education course while pursuing the studies. It’s a totally new experience. It requires constant perseverance, hard work, and patience. 

You try to save every penny. But that simply does not mean you cannot hit an incredible backpack trip to explore and learn. You need to make a smart strategy and find out several ways to save your precious penny and travel freely. The crew at ERA Education Advisors in Australia has a single goal.

We want you to wander confidently with enough cash in your wallet. Just pick a country you wish to study and figure out smartly how you would go there. Select the course of your interest, choose a country or genuine study abroad advisors, evaluate the course and job opportunities.

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While doing this, take care of the few tips: 

1. Set the budget for your studies:

One of the most vital aspects to focus on is the budget. You need to check out whether the option selected by you is affordable for you and your family. Discuss the same with reputed study abroad consultants. 

International education can be costly but you can focus on the following points:

  • Check out which countries are affordable Eg: Australia, Canada are some of the most affordable nations.
  • You can check out scholarship opportunities in the nation you have chosen. 
  • Don’t forget to check out working situations and student alternatives. 

2. Choose the right university and the right country:

After setting the budget for your course study, you need to focus on finding out the right country and the right university. Studying abroad depends on varying factors like language, culture, religions, the standard of living, the distance between the two nations, and lots more. 

Some nations like Australia, Canada, the USA are the most preferred options. Likewise, these nations have top universities for brilliant aspiring candidates. For making accurate decisions, you need to choose countries wisely. Eg: If you are finding a university in Canada and Australia, then you can assist Education advisors in Australia and India to make a wiser decision. 

3. Prepare for the Exams:

When you choose the university or college of your choice, ensure you know everything about exams, course, certificates, admission requisites and similar criteria. There are several universities where you have to give entrance exams before getting admission. 

Eg: You need to give an English and linguistic proficiency exam such as the IELTS Test. 

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4. Work opportunities as a student:

As an international student, you need to take care of tons of things. When you reach your destination, you need to think about getting yourself a part-time job to manage your daily expenses. You need to collect information about the place and also make strong networking with local people that can guide you. Also, take help of genuine study abroad advisors. 

You can join as:


Babysitter or Baby Care Taker, 

Join a safe call centre, 

Join an office as an Executive Assistance, 

Retail Employee or

Start a home-based freelancing works (Check the rules and regulations for the same) 

5. Plan a career after graduation:

Many students want to take a degree to do business or start a professional consultancy. Many students wish to join a good company and a good job. In light of that, find out internship opportunities that provide you with experience and certificate. If necessary, take help from your study abroad advisors to find a good job as they have a strong network in those countries.


Wish to plan your study in countries like Canada, the USA, Australia? Speak with the expert study abroad consultants in Australia and Canada. Speak with ERA Education today and solve all your study abroad doubts. We suggest users read this article on Textsheet alternatives. Textsheet was the most popular site to help students with all kinds of free stuff. But it is closed now, you will read all the best alternatives to it in this article.

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