What Does Integrated Design mean for Architecture and Benefits of Adopting it?

Over the past several years, the focus of architectural design has shifted to creating more sustainable solutions. Read about the importance of Integrated Design for Architecture and Benefits of Adopting it.


Over the past several years, the focus of architectural design has shifted to creating more sustainable solutions. This has led to an increase in dynamic design trends based on an integrated approach and a holistic understanding of the impact of the design solutions on the environment.

Given the complexity of the modern architectural designs and the demands placed on them, the need for various stakeholders to work in a collaborative manner for creating truly efficient and practically feasible design solutions is greater than ever. Developing the best solutions through enhanced communication and better planning has surely become the key to create sustainable and cost-effective architectural solutions.

Understanding The Concept Of Integrated Design 

All architectural plans irrespective of their level of simplicity or complexity, essentially comprise different types of designs and plans. In most cases, the architects create these designs on their own after carefully understanding the client’s needs and expectations. However, an integrated design approach requires the architects to seek the inputs from various key players responsible for handling the execution of every single aspect of the plan.

It involves discussing the various challenges of integrating these different aspects during the design phase itself to minimize any complication and implementation issues during the execution phase. Adopting this method helps in reducing the need to make changes to the designs once its implementation has begun, which can help in saving considerable time, effort, and money. You can also hire a Structural Engineers Liverpool for a great design for your architecture.

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Where Can Integrated Design Work The Best?

According to the experts working in the field of building and construction, it is high time to include integrated design as a part of the course curriculum offered by top architecture colleges in India. This is because this design methodology is proving extremely successful in creating more elegant and structured solutions with unique architectural features for clients from diverse sectors.

The method is most favoured by environmental advocates, who believe that integrated designing is the only way to create more eco-friendly and energy-efficient infrastructure solutions in a cost-effective manner. By making the design process participatory and inclusive for professionals from various design disciplines and working on a single project, a more dynamic and sustainable solution can be developed in a relatively effortless manner.

Challenges Hindering The Transition To Integrated Design

Given the rapidly increasing popularity of integrated design solutions, it is actually quite surprising that the method has still not gained widespread acceptance amongst professionals. This is due to the various challenges associated with implementing integrated design as a part of project planning and development.

Increase in Turn Around Time

The most significant of these challenges is the considerable increase in the time and cost of the design phase. As per estimates, implementing integrated designing can enhance the time schedule of the design phase of a big project by at least two months and increase its cost by as much as 3 percent.

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Lack of proper coordination between different professionals

The next big challenge is to ensure appropriate cooperation and coordination between the design professionals working in different niches. Putting together a team of architects, structural engineers, interior designers and other such professionals to work in a coordinated manner can prove to be an extremely difficult task.

For the integrated design approach to be successful, it requires the will and competence of every single participant. Engaging the cumulative knowledge and experience of all the participants is the key to minimize the chances of error and enhance the overall sustenance of the project.

Lack of standardised approach for Integrated designing

The lack of proper definitions and recommendations often make people feel skeptical about adopting integrated design strategies. Moreover, the interested parties also feel unsure due to the lack of a standard protocol for integrated design. In addition, convincing the investors to pay now and save later is often a challenging task which further adds to the challenge of making this design technique a preferred choice. The confluence of tight budgets and tight deadlines is another major challenge.

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Benefits Of  Adopting Integrated Design

The advances in technology and society have been two key factors responsible for an increase in the demand for integrated design and its inclusion in the course curriculum of the best architecture colleges in Delhi.  Discussed below are some key benefits that can be gained by adopting the integrated design strategy in architectural projects.

·   This method of designing can help reduce the cost of architectural projects by at least 10% and is thus one of the major factors that has helped in promoting this design concept.

·   It helps in highlighting all design issues right at the onset so as to minimize the need to rectify the plans and change the execution policies resulting in wastage of both time and resources.

·   The method helps in enhancing the innovation and creativity of the design solutions through the contribution and collaboration of multiple minds focused on creating eco-friendly and cost-effective designs.

·   Most importantly, it ensures that every individual aspect of the design is well-integrated with the project objectives to make the whole process highly cost-effective.

·   Opting for integrated design strategies will make it easier to incorporate the changes necessary for enhancing the resilience and eco-friendliness of the project.

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