Wire transfers have become a recent way of transferring money. It has become an efficient way of transferring money lately. After there’s been a scam one can still try finding out where the money could be. You can track down the current location of where your funds are. Federal Reference Numbers are issued one a wire is processed. When these stolen funds are transferred into a fraudster’s account what they do is all they want the money taken out as soon as possible. To take the money out they involve a number of money launderers who immediately take the money out in cash. They then wire the money to other different accounts or they convert all of it into crypto currency.

Wire fraud is a crime that has strict action taken against it! Imprisonment and heavy fines are implied on these fraudulent activities. 20 years imprisonment and $250,000 for individuals and $5000 for organizations. One should stay away and stay safe from such activities happening around us, one does get tempted to become a part of such fraudulent activities as it seems like easy money. It sure would be in some cases where you don’t get caught but the rest of the time it is constant fear, of losing all of it, of losing a normal life that you would be living prior to getting caught.

The most common example given to everybody is the Nigerian Prince Scam. In this scam a person sends out emails claiming to be the Nigerian prince. This person claims that he’s low on money and has been exiled and cannot get the access to the fortune in his Nigerian account. He claims to need the target to hold his millions and would return the target with a handsome amount in return. The goal of this activity is to get hold of the target’s financial details which the scammer would later on use to access his funds. 

This is the oldest internet scam in the books, but there are still people who’d fall for this. Never fall for such catches, if any traveler is stuck and needs money, there is some kind of hospital emergency, any relative of far off relationship asking for money, never!! Do not wire money to strangers. They get the hang of your financial accounts and drain the money out of it easily. You can alert everyone by telling them that your account would be hacked and they need to ignore any messages being sent. One of these Nigerian Princes was recently charged and detained on December 20. 2017 turned out to be a 67year old man from Lousiana. This type of scam first came in around 1980, and a lot of americans fell for it easily.

In such scams the only company that can bring you out of it sanely without losing any wit! Is hands down, the Global Payback. They have such wide research done on all kinds of topics and they bring you out of the ditch that you think you can’t come out of. They provide with the best help. Professional and very helpful team, their lawyers and counselors help you in each step till you go out satisfied and with your funds in hand. They make sure every story is a success story. Not do they do it for their name but the do it for their client’s mental peace, and satisfaction. The idea of trusting such organizations that help you come out of losses like this in near to nil. This company has lived up to its name and has maintained the stature. One has to trust them in all sorts of scam reporting and retrieving any kind of funds.  

One needs to be careful in such transactions. Trusting people and sending in money to help for charity and all could put you in a spot too.  We should be smarter than these scammers and not fall for anything that they try selling over the internet or messages and emails.  But, the reality is that these things do exist in this world and we have to live like that. Being a bit vigilant can help you get out of it. But when there’s an issue there surely is a way to get out of it. All the banks and organizations with big names do help you out of it and make sure you sleep in peace.  No organization or company would like their client to be in trouble of any sort. Most of these scammers do get caught by their means of cartching them but mostly you’re just stuck with this thought of ‘had you thought more before sharing information’

Stay safe, be smart!

Red Note: 3 June 2022

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