Why your Avast Antivirus is not working error on Windows 10 (SOLVED)

We all know that Avast is a widely used and liked antivirus program which has many users as it provides solid protection by being a free antivirus service but like any other major service Avast has issues, as well as there, are some users who have registered their complaint with the Avast mentioning that avast won’t open so let us look at it. 

This is why we have prepared this blog where we are going to talk about this issue and will also look for ways to solve this issue so that the users can open their windows without facing any problems from the side of Avast. But before we move to the solutions let us have a close look at the causes of the problem so that we can understand it in a better way and then accordingly we could look for the solutions as well as it is very much important to know about the cause of the problem before the solution. 

Causes for the problem and issues with Avast

  1. Broken avast installation – usually this type error occurs when the update avast antivirus has not been done in a proper way and if the installation is not completed properly then it may go corrupt and the users have to face these type of issues. 
  2. The antivirus service is not working properly – another reason could be that the service of antivirus is not working properly and hence because of this the users are not able to open avast and use it and the users need to be sure of it by checking the problem first. 

Solutions for the problem of Avast not working properly

Repairing Avast 

The first method the users can try is to repair the Avast if it is broken and the users can do this in very simple ways which have been provided by us in the article which is given below for the users.

  • First of all you need to ensure that you are logged in and yo are also using administrator as the users will not be able to delete the programs with any other account. 
  • Now the users need to open the control panel and after opening it the users need to look for the start menu and then they can see if they are using Windows 10 following this the users have to click on the icon of settings and move ahead for
  • In this step the users are in the control panel and from control panel they have to select the option of view category which you will see at the right corner of the screen and then you can hit the button of uninstall a program under the section of program. 
  • As soon as you will click on the app it will show you all the programs that have been installed on your PC and they will show it in the form of a list. 
  • Now you need to search for Avast in the settings or in the control panel and then you can simply click on the option of uninstall or repair. 
  • You will see the option of repair and then you have to press it followed by next button to fix the installation of the program. 
  • Now you need to click on the message that says confirm to confirm the procedure and then finally hit the finish button and restart the computer you are using as well as restart the antivirus also so that it will work properly.

Restarting the avast antivirus services 

  • When you will press the window key and r key together you will launch utility after which you have to type service.msc and open the box. 
  • Now when the control panel window is open you have to change it by view option to the large icons. 
  • Now search for some administrative tools and then click on the location services shortcut and then you have to open it. 
  • You have to search for the avast antivirus service on the list and you also have to hit the properties button from the menu which has been given to you. 
  • Once the service is started you can see it near the service status message and then press the stop button and then leave it until it is done. 
  • After you have set the startup menu to automatic you have to click on the button start and once it is done your procedure is completed as well now you only need to restart your system and also the antivirus to ensure to run avast antivirus properly and in a proper manner as well so that the users do not have to face any problems later on with the same. 

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