20 Trending Medieval Games and Strategy like Mount and Blade Warband

Read about Best Games like Mount and Blade Warband based on Medieval age strategy gameplay mechanics popular among millions of players.


Mount & Blade was one of the most successful action role-playing games of its time. Released in 2008, this strategy-based game is based in the fictional land of Calradia. A TaleWorlds Entertainment development, the RPG, was released in 2008.

The strategy game’s publisher received Paradox Interactive and received quite some fame due to its success. The strategy role-playing game received impressive reviews by the critics and was appreciated by the gaming community. Mount & Blade was applauded due to its unique approach to strategy-based gaming, making it rank #13 most shared PC game in 2008. 

The role-playing game released various video games following its positive feedback, which included spinoffs, expansion packs, and sequels. Since the game follows a sandbox free-play theme, it does not have a fixed storyline. Players have the freedom to do what they please during the game, whether it is building an army and ruling the lands or be an adventurer/mercenary and discover every inch of Calradia.

Mount & Blade introduced the gaming community with creative gameplay with endless possibilities. The players are not limited to a specific mission or plot and can make their character follow whichever destiny they please.

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Following is a list of videogames that are similar to the epic Mount & Blade series:

1. Holdfast: Nations At War: 

Holdfast: Nations at War is one of the highly appreciated online battle games. The action-packed game was initially released in 2017 and received approval from every critic and the general gaming community. The role-playing game takes you in the great Napolean Era, where you have to fight among 125 other players on the server. Most the perfect game similar to Warband and Mount & Blade series which everyone must try. First in the list of Games like Mount and Blade Warband.

The online shooter game’s developer and publisher, both Anvil Games Studios, received a lot of popularity due to the positive response. The TPS and FPS game was rated 9/10 on Steam and sold many copies ever since its release. To experience the thrill and action this game brings to the player, watch the following gameplay:

2. Mordhau:

Mordhau is a fighting game based in medieval times. The hack and slash game was one of the most popular videogames in 2019, the year of its release. The players create their mercenary who fights many battles using weapons used in medieval times. The players face many enemies and other quests along how they have to complete using historical tactics and weapons. Second in the list of Games like Mount and Blade Warband.

The game’s developer Slovene studios became more popular after the success of the combat game. The game sold a million copies in just the first month of its release, making it top Steam’s charts. To experience the best-seller videogame, we recommend watching the gameplay below:

3. Conqueror’s Blade:

Conqueror’s Blade is one of the most well-known free-to-play tactic games. The multiplayer game was released in 2019 and instantly received positive reviews from critics and the gaming community. Developed by Booming Games, this single and multiplayer game is based on feudal and medieval civilizations. The game’s central theme is based on siege combats, battles, and tactics to conquer the enemy’s territory. 

The open-world game is played online where the user competes against other players online. The players are given the roles of warlords who have to develop tactics and deliver orders, which will lead to their victory. To get to know more about this epic MMO, watch the following gameplay

4. Kingdom Come: Deliverance:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the most popular action games in the gaming community. Released in 2019, the role-playing game took the gaming world by storm by selling a million copies in just the first two weeks of its release. Developed by Warhorse Studios, this videogame is based in medieval times in the Kingdom of Bohemia. 4th in the list of Games like Mount and Blade Warband.

The plot is set in the year 1403, where players are given Henry’s role, the protagonist. Henry is set out to seek revenge for the murder of his family by the antagonist Sigismund, the Hungarian King. Most perfect game similar to Warband and Mount & Blade series which everyone must try. Watch the following gameplay to know more about the best seller RPG:

5. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a hack-and-slash videogame that sets the base for future hack-and-slash videogames. The action-packed videogame was first released in 2013 and was greeted with praise and approvals from most critics and the gaming community. Set in fictional medieval times, the main plot is based in the land of Agatha, where two nations are caught in a civil war against each other. 

The players are given the liberty to choose a side in the civil war and decide which character to play based on every character’s unique set of skills. Till now, the game has sold millions of copies and continues to sell more. By watching the following gameplay, you can see for yourself why the game is so heavily praised:

6. Horizon Zero Dawn:

Horizon Zero Dawn is a best-seller role-playing game. Released in 2017, the playset a new path to post-apocalyptic videogames with its plot. Developed by Guerilla Games, the role-play videogame topped the gaming charts and was a best seller in the UK in just the first week of its release. Sony Interactive Entertainment remained the best publisher of videogames by being its publisher as well. 

The players take the role of the main protagonist Aloy, who has to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where only robotic creatures are in sight. Aloy discovers the open-world videogame while battling strange creatures along the way. 

Discover more of the open-world best-seller by watching the following video:

7. Crusader Kings 3:

Crusader Kings 3 is one of the main parts of the well-known Crusader Kings series. The role-play strategy, published by Paradox Interactive, was ranked #4 best PC game of 2020. Released in 2020, the strategy game has gathered many positive reviews and sold millions of copies. The plot of the third installment of the Crusader Kings series is based in medieval times. 

The players use different tactics and strategies to make their dynasty legendary. Players need to flourish their lands and keep their character’s traits idealistic so they can take their dynasty to the next level. To experience the best-seller strategy game, watch the following gameplay:

8. The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age:

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is part of the most popular Lord of the Ring series. The RPG gained instant fame upon its release in 2004. Developed by EA Redwood Shores, the well-known RPG is played both in third-person perspective and combat mode. The game received mostly positive reviews, which led to a million copies sold in just a few months of its release. Most the perfect game similar to Warband and Mount & Blade series which everyone must try. 8th in the list of Games like Mount and Blade Warband.

The players are given quests, and the more quests they complete, the more Middle-earth map they get to explore and move further in the game. To know more about the adventurous role-play game, watch the following video:

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9. Middle-earth: Shadow of War:

Being a sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War deserved the positive response it got from the critics and the gaming community. The highly appreciated role-playing videogame is played through in TPP. The single and multiplayer game received such positive feedback that it was awarded “Best Combat” in 2017 by Action Game of the Year Awards. 

The open-world game allows players to take the role of Talion, the protagonist who shares his body with Celebrimbor, who has to battle against Sauron’s army and complete many other quests along the way. Experience the thrill the best-seller action game brings by watching the following video:

10. Assassin’s Creed: Origins:

Released in 2017, Assassin’s Creed: Origins left the gaming community and the critics in awe upon its release. The tenth installment of the famous Assassin’s Creed series was immensely praised and sold over 10 million copies and continues to sell more. The action-adventure videogame gave popularity to its publisher Ubisoft as well. The plot of Origins is based in Ancient Egypt that follows real events but with a fictional approach. 

The players are given the role of Bayek who is meant to explore the conflict between the Hidden Ones and the Order of the Ancients while also unraveling other secrets of Ancient Egypt. To experience the action the tenth installment brings, watch the following video: 

11. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third main installment of the famous Witcher series. The role-playing game received huge success even before its release, with 1.5 million copies preordered and millions bought after the game’s release in 2015. Developed and published by CD Projekt Red, the action-packed game revolves around Geralt of Rivia, known as the Witcher, searching for his adopted daughter while running away from Wild Hunt. 

He is also planning to capture his daughter. The game is based on Slavonic mythology with fictional locations. The main plot has multiple endings which solely depend on the player’s choices. To know more about this action-packed RPG, watch the following video:

12. Life is Feudal: MMO:

Life is Feudal: MMO is a complex yet exciting part of the Life is Feudal franchise. Developed by indie studio Bitbox Ltd, the online rope-play game allows the players to have full authority over their character without any restrictions. The multiplayer online game is set in medieval times, where the players have the liberty of free construction, combat system, and many additional features. One of top game like Warband and Mount & Blade series which everyone must try.

The players are given a full terraforming environment with endless possibilities, and the only limit the players have is their creativity and skills. The medieval-themed game was appreciated by the critics as well as the gaming geeks. To know more about the online multiplayer game, watch the following gameplay:

13. Conan Exiles:

Based in the world of Conan, the Barbarian, Conan Exiles is an action-adventure videogame. Developed and published by Funcom, the survival game received mostly positive reviews from the critics and the gaming geeks. Released in 2018, the epic survival game has sold millions of copies and sold 480,000 copies in just the game’s early access period. 

The action-adventure game lets the player customize their character who is rescued by Conan while being sentenced to death. Based in the Hyborian times, the player, along with Conan, travels through the Exiled Lands while battling enemies and completing quests. To experience the action and adventure the game portrays, watch the following gameplay:

14. Kingdom Under Fire 2:

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a real-time strategy videogame, a sequel to the famous Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. The role-playing game was appreciated upon its release in 2019 by various critics and has sold many copies till now. Developed by Blueside Phantagram, the RPG is set 150 years after Kingdom under Fire: The Crusaders. The players are given complete control of every action. 

They can control their troops while exploring the three major factions named the Human Alliance, Encablossians, and the Dark Legion in the fictional continent of Bersia. To discover more of this online multiplayer videogame, we recommend watching the following gameplay:

15. For Honor:

For Honor is an action-packed videogame set in medieval times. Developed and published by Ubisoft, the fighting game topped the charts in Japan and Europe and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The medieval-themed videogame, released in 2017, was awarded “Best Fighting Game” by IGN’s Best of 2017 Awards. 15th is the list of Games like Mount and Blade Warband.

The players can choose one of four factions: Iron Legion, Warborn, Dawn Empire, and Wu Lin and play as Chinese warriors, samurais, Vikings, and knights to retrieve their ancestor’s land by fighting for it and protecting it at all costs. The plot of the videogame varies depending on which faction the player chooses. To experience the unique action game, watch the following gameplay:

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16. Torchlight:

Torchlight is a hack-and -lash videogame which quickly gained fame upon its release. The role-playing game was developed and published by Runic Games. The action-packed game was released initially in 2010 for Windows and expanded to other platforms after receiving positive feedback from the critics and the fans. The RPG has sold millions of copies and won the “Best Debut Game Award” by Game Developers Choice Awards in 2010. 

The plot is set in Torchlight, a fictional town where the players explore the caves nearby, complete their quests, and fight mysterious creatures along the way. To experience the exciting adventure, then RPG brings, watch the following gameplay:

17. Aarklash: Legacy:

Aarklash: Legacy is a well-known tactical game. Released in 2013, the game has sold millions of copies to date. Critics and the gaming community loved the game and gave positive reviews overall due to the game’s unique approach towards tactical gaming. The adventure game, developed by Cyanide Studios, is based in the fictional land of Aarklash. Strategy and War game similar to Warband and Mount & Blade series loved by millions

The players are given the role of mercenaries who have been wrongly accused of a crime and are looking for vengeance and justice. The players defeat their enemies using various strategies. Watch the following gameplay and experience this adventure:

18. Fallen Enchantress:

Fallen Enchantress is a strategy game that was praised by many critics and gamers. Developed by Stardock, this single-player game is based in the fictional world of Elemental. The game sold a huge number of copies and is one of the best strategy games to date. An expansion pack of the strategy game was also released after its popularity. 18th in the list of games like Mount and Blade Warband.

The player can choose or make a sovereign with any faction that affects the game’s plot later on. Players can build settlements, conquer other territories, explore and expand their armies, and do so much more in this unique strategy game. Explore the map of Elemental by watching the following gameplay:

19. Legends of Eisenwald:

Legends of Eisenwald is the perfect videogame for any gaming geek who misses the old strategy themes of videogames. The low fantasy tactical game was officially released in 2015 for PC. The game sold an impressive number of copies and continues to impress the gaming community. Developed and published by Aterdux Entertainment, the RPG is based on Baron Lahnstein, who cannot enter his family castle in Eisenwald. 

The player can play different characters and different storylines based on the characters the player chooses and his skills. The players can combat, explore, and complete their quests in the game. To experience the medieval-themed videogame, watch the following gameplay:

20. Battle Brothers:

Battle Brothers is a strategy and turn-based videogame released in 2017. The RPG is based in a medieval fantasy world where random maps are generated for the players to experience. Battle Brothers earned the critics’ and the gaming community’s approval upon its release and sold a large number of copies in a short time. The medieval-themed game’s developer Overhype Studios got quite popular after the game’s success. 

The turn-based game revolves around a mercenary company that the player leads. The players have to develop strategies, fight combats, and hire suitable people to be with them to be successful and powerful. Watch the following gameplay to experience the medieval-themed strategy game visually:


The above list features some of the best videogames that follow the strategy, survival, and RPG themes to bring the gaming community some of the best videogames in history. All the games include well-written plots with gameplays that leave the players wanting for more. Each videogame is different from others. However, they all follow the basic theme of succeeding by facing various s and fighting different kinds of creatures along the way. 

All the above-stated videogames received praise from not only the gaming community but from critics as well. The videogames are quite different from Mount and Blade, yet they follow its theme in one way or another. Mount and Blade are some of the most well-known games and series. Although the strategy game does not have a fixed storyline, its free-play sandbox theme got many critics and gaming geeks’ approval. 

The strategy game became an inspiration for most strategy RPG videogames that we see today. Due to its immense success, the game released sequels, spinoffs, and expansion packs as well. Amir Articles brings you interesting content related to the gaming community. Please continue to support us by sharing this post with your friends and family so we can continue bringing such content to you.

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