What Exactly is a Security Analyst? Is it Required Bachelor’s Degrees?

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What exactly does a security analyst do? Security analysts perform the same tasks that managers do. This guide can help you understand.


A person working in this area of the information security field is responsible for discovering and reporting security-related issues. Their role is critical to the safekeeping of information for both employees and customers. This position requires exceptional analytical skills and good attention to detail and attention to problem-solving.

Often, they are the first line of defense in dealing with security-related issues, making them valuable not only to companies looking to protect their data but also to the people that maintain the safety of the information contained within their computer systems networks.

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What exactly does a security analyst do? Security analysts perform the same tasks that managers do. However, their goal is to identify and report information related to security-related issues. The duties of this position are highly technical, which means that a person with a high level of knowledge in various computer programming languages is required and highly skilled problem-solving skills.

Where can I find jobs as a security analyst? This job is available throughout the country, although the demand is heavy in the technology sectors. There are several classified ads in newspapers and online and a plethora of job lists found in various industry publications.

Many colleges and universities offer classes specifically designed to train individuals for this career, and most will prepare students with the necessary certifications upon graduation. Most security analysts begin their careers as Computer Science majors, although some may choose to take classes related to law enforcement agencies, first responders, and other emergency services. Also, if you are a little experienced in this field, you can go through Cyber Security certifications online that are available in enormous numbers and upskill yourself. 

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What is the median salary for security analysts? This varies greatly by location. Security analysts in the San Francisco area earn the most money, as they are expected to perform work in a high-risk environment, often dealing with government and corporate clients. Other areas where security analysts earn a higher median annual salary include those located in New York City, which has one of the most dynamic and diverse work environments in the country.

Is it possible to obtain a job as a security analyst without a bachelor’s degree? Yes, there are several jobs for which a bachelor’s degree is not required, though most security analyst jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Typically, a bachelor’s degree is only needed for positions that involve more hands-on training since those requiring only classroom training are becoming rarer.

A good example of this is cybercrime or network security, which requires highly technical skills to be employed. Security Analysts with only a high school diploma can find entry-level positions such as computer support specialist, network administrator, or security information systems technician. As these positions become less common in the industry, the demand for highly technical security analysts will also increase.

So, if a security analyst needs to have a bachelor’s degree to get the best possible position, what is the best way to go about getting one? One option is to pursue an online degree program, as this allows an individual to balance their full-time employment with the flexibility of online learning.

Besides online courses, some other colleges and universities offer accredited programs that enable security analysts to earn a four-year degree. If an individual cannot attend a traditional college due to financial reasons, the technical college may also be a viable option.

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Security Analyst Job Description

A security analyst job description can be comprehensive. This is because it covers a wide range of responsibilities. For instance, some work on implementing and maintaining security systems at all levels, from the smallest network to the largest nation-wide system. Some look into new hacking methods such as hacking backdoors created with malicious intent or even hacking to determine what systems the enemy has to compromise them.

Even those who do reverse image searches on systems and gather intelligence for use against an enemy. Thus, a security analyst’s job description would include everything from performing penetration tests and vulnerability scans to finding hacking methods and getting data from the target computer.

In short, the job requires an individual to perform several functions, although some core duties apply to all security analysts. For instance, computer system security analysts must be experts in computer systems and have specific training to get their jobs.

In fact, a security analyst job description might list multiple core duties that require various amounts of training and expertise. In short, a security analyst might be required to research, evaluate, test, develop, design, and implement information security systems. However, specialists can also go on to be network security consultants.

Security analysts need to be creative, analytical, detail-oriented and have good interpersonal skills. To be effective, these professionals must possess certain soft skills, such as following instructions and exhibiting an interest in solving problems. Security issues can become complicated and multifaceted, and security analysts must grasp the nuances and figure out how to handle the situation.

These professionals are usually expected to be familiar with at least some of the most popular programs used to protect networks, such as anti-virus programs, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems.

Depending upon what job duties are expected, security analysts may also need to be knowledgeable in computer networks, protocols, and security procedures. A great example of typical job responsibilities would be installing firewalls, worms, and other malicious programs installed on networks.

Security analysts can also find employment working for a computer hardware or software vendor. They test new software or hardware for flaws or vulnerabilities before they are released to the general public. Security software packages include software from major manufacturers such as Microsoft, Cisco, and others designed to protect networks from security threats.


Security analysts test these software packages for potential security issues and then write reports about their findings. An example of a security software package that would be tested by security analysts is Windows Security, which protects networks from malware, viruses, spyware, and hackers.

Security analyst job descriptions are just a few of the many that exist within information security. As their responsibilities increase in importance, so do their salaries, which are determined by the skills of the individual applicant. Security analysts may have many skills that make them well suited for several different positions.

The more they are trained in information security, the more likely they will find employment opportunities. Some positions may require additional education, while those with basic computer software knowledge can perform others.

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