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A tactical flashlight is a flashlight designed to be used with a firearm. It helps in the identification of a target usually in dim light. This will enable the shooter to aim a weapon while illuminating the object. This light is also effective for self-defense, camping hiking, or night joking.

Uses of a Tactical Flashlight

  • Signaling for help – Tactical flashlight can be used to signal someone over a distance by switching it on and off for a Morse cord.
  • For emergency – When the power goes out the flashlight can be used to lighten up the house. The powerful beam will also help you when you need to change a tire at night.
  • For illumination – A tactful flashlight usually has a very powerful light beam, this can be used to blind an attacker or disorient a target when hunting.
  • For self-defense – When confronted with your attacker shine the power light directly in their eyes to blind them, this will give you time to escape.
  • Source of light during blackouts.

Features to Consider When Buying a Flashlight


The runtime, overall performance, and output of your flashlight will depend on the type of battery you use.  It is highly recommended to use a lithium-ion battery as it lasts longer than other batteries.


A tactical flashlight work in all kind of weathers. This means it should be able to work even when rained on or immersed in water.

Rugged surface 

A tactical flashlight should be rugged in texture for durability and to withstand hard falls, rough texture also makes it hard for it to slip even when one is so sweaty. the rugged nature also makes it waterproof

Powerful Light output 

It should be able to produce enough light in case one needs to blind or disorient a target. The flashlight should at least have 1200 lumens.

LED bulb type 

LED bulbs can last longer than other bulbs moreover it uses little power from the battery. The bulb is also stronger hence does not break easily when dropped.

Different Light modes 

A tactical flashlight should have a strobe that enables you to flash the light quickly at intervals. You can use different modes to signal for help during emergency cases.

Small and compact

A good tactical flashlight should be able to fit in your hand and lightweight enough to be carried anywhere conveniently.

Tactical Tailcap 

This feature is ideal for simple and quick activation even in total pitch darkness. It is also easy to locate.

Simple operation 

When buying a tactical flashlight look for one with simple operation. In stressful situations, you don’t need to start figuring how to use your flashlight.


A tactical flashlight is your defender, although they were originally designed for people of service anyone can use them, they are legal anywhere. While it is obvious that personal preferences are one of the key factors in choosing, the features mentioned above will help you get the best tactical flashlight.

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