Best 8 Star Wars – Empire At War Remake MODs (Complete Guide)

Complete list of mods with full details for Star Wars Empire at War & also information about Empire At War Remake. This article also connects you with sites where you can download these mods & some other sites where more lists are created on the same topic.


Introduction to Star Wars – Empire At War
Details of MODs
Empire at War Remake
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Introduction to Star Wars – Empire At War

Empire at War is a huge game created for the Starwar series because you can fight wars on land & space with ships. Unlike some other games in the series, there is no limit in this game, this is the reason people still love it after 16 years. Star Wars – Empire At War was released in 2006 & later they created one expansion with the name of Force of Corruption. A lot of Develporrs also created different mods for people which are really appreciated.

If you Star Wars, this game is perfect for you. There are millions of fans who watched all movies in the series and if you talk about any game in which players are able to get all options to enjoy, its Empire at War. Some games are based on battles in space only but that’s no comparison with this type of game.

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There are 3 modes for this game, story-based Campaign, Galactic Conquest & Skirmish. But most important among all of these modes is Galactic Conquest. There are 2 factions which players can choose in this game. Rebel Alliance & Empire are 2 choices but they also build another weak faction with the name of Pirates who never attack anyone until someone attack 1st.

In Skirmish mode, players can choose land or space. They get to base in every game similar to all other RTS style games. Another process is similar to creating units, upgrading, and other activities. There is the only way to win against an enemy which you know already common in all games. Kill all enemy units, destroy their base and some other option are available.

Empire at War Remake Mod

Galactic Civil War is a remake Mod for Empire at War game with a lot of improvements. You can download this map using the below link which will take you to the most popular MODDB community.

Download Empire at War Remake Mod & Important Instruction

This mod is a total conversion of this game with huge updates. New graphics are added which make this game better, look awesome for the latest high-quality computers. Now they fix al errors which you are facing commonly because the game is old and your systems are new & updated. Normally old games never work properly on the latest systems. New units, maps, and a lot of features are added. In simple words, you can see the birth of this game again from scratch. Empire at War becomes more popular these days because of this mod who convert this game into something new & people get too much interested in it.

Details of MODs

1 – Empire at War Plus

Its full mod in which Developer remove some useless content and also added some fresh to make the game look better. Almost all bugs, errors ever reported by players are fixed in this mod. They added new space units but this time everything is more balanced compare to the original game as per the developer. New land structure and units are also created which is very important to make the game more balanced. In other words, you may see huge changes in-game, and that’s why we recommend everyone to try this Mod first. It’s one of the best complete mod for Empire At War Remake.

Download EAW Plus MOD

2- Enhanced Space Battles

Space Battles is a different kind of mod where you can’t see too many new units and some other kind of updates. The main purpose of this mod is to update current gameplay by making units & other rules of games balanced. It will completely update & improve space battles making it more realistic and better. But don’t think about its only for space because of its name, it completely changes the battles style of land units too.

Download Enhanced Space Battles

3- Steiners Advanced Units Mod

As you can understand from its name, this mod is created to add new units with special abilities. Each unit on land, space is given more power for all sides to make balanced. It depends on son players, how they will use these to their advantage. Each unit receives completely different units & it’s up to them and their strategy is important to use them in a better way.

Download Steiners Advanced Units Mod

4- Republic Troopers

This mod if not for the main game but you can play it with Forces of Corruption expansion. Some new units are added & also many different small changes make it a perfect mod to try for lovers of Empire At War Remake MODs. Developers spend a lot of time on this mod, this is the reason you can many versions of this mod on their page which you can visit below. We suggest you visit the most latest page for better results.

Download Republic Troopers

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5- A Galaxy Divided

Amazing Mod which adds many new units on both sides for Rebels and Empire. Each unit is unique with awesome abilities but they created balanced on both sides. A complete upgrade system for different units is added. For example, you will get a closen trooper on start but easy to upgrade to a stormtrooper later. Few Jedi heroes are replaced with some others. As you know all these mods are mostly about updating the current game, making it more balanced and perfect then original game.

Download A Galaxy Divided

6- Confederate Uprising

Corellian Confederation started a rebellion against Empire which is also replaced with another name in this Mod. A lot of planets and people are now supporting against Empire and helping these rebels. The new name chosen for Empire is Galactic Alliance who controls the most important planets and more resources. Now they build a balanced world where Empire is no longer too powerful against Rebels. Its like 2 powerful forces of single Gov are fighting each other for victory. They added a balanced army, planets, and units on both sides. Really cool mod which you will love because it added awesome features to the game.

Download Confederate Uprising

7- FoC Realistic Galactic Civil War

If you Star War movies, this mod if for you because they try their best to add units & gameplay which is close to real action in movies. All gamers know when they create a new game, there are always some changes that make it different from the original movie series of Starwar. But this mod is perfect for players to try who love to enjoy real movie action. Hundreds of changes are added in this game which you see from units to maps, game graphics to many other important changes. In our opinion, this mod is the best Empire At War Remake ever created who change the user experience.

Download FoC Realistic Galactic Civil War

8- 2074: Stars Ablaze

Complete remake of the original game by adding all-new factions, units, and complete perfect gameplay. If you are looking for playing a brand new Empire at War Remake from scratch, try this mod. They added America, the Soviet Union, and also another species who is trying to eliminate both of them.

The backstory is really important to understand what actually happen there? The USA & the Soviet become too powerful to start a war in space to capture one specific area. They started to destroy each other for control of space but no one is able to defeat others completely. Suddenly another species attack them from other parts of the space. All 3 powers are now fighting each other for survival, but is there any chance of alliance between the Soviet & USA to fight a common enemy who is not even human?

Download 2074: Stars Ablaze

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Empire at War Remake Mod is similar to the new release of a game that players really love. Thousands of people already love Empire at War game which is very old now. Sometimes a few games are created which become very popular and players never leave them for many years.

There are too many small mods are created for this game, you know every try to use their expertise to create something for others. But most of these mods are completely useless which no one loves to play. Some of the mods get lot of errors and no one tries to fix them. Too many mods are available when you visit popular mods communities like Nexus or Moddb. The main reason behind the creation of these lists is to help players to choose the best mod for them without wasting a lot of time testing useless crap.

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