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20 Best Empire Total War Mods – List of Top Mods High Ranked

Read about all-time famous Mods from Empire which is the most popular game in series of Total War. All of these Mods are chosen on the base of most downloads, positive comments by players, high rating & some other factors involved.

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Details of Empire Total War Mods
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Total War becomes the most popular series which consists of Turn Base & RTS styles. You can read more about these games on Best Total War Games – Most Popular Game in History of Strategy. Every game in the series is explained well with complete details.

If you are looking for more mods for other games in this series, just visit on Top Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods for all Total War Games, because mods for almost every game in the series are added there. In this article, you can read about mods created for Napoleon Total War only.

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Details of Empire Total War Mods

Thirteen Colonies

Small mod with only a few but perfect changes in-game. It allows you to play all 13 colonies in-game, updated victory condition and some changes make it better and enjoyable for you to play it. every single of these colonies is very important for the British because if they are able to control them properly, they can gain huge benefits from them. There is large production everywhere in these provinces, cities in North America, and great challenges for the British Empire to take control of everything in their hand.


Empires of Destiny

A very large mod with is a complete makeover of the original game. More than 100 different sub mods are added in this game with over 1000 new units and everything completely changed for you. The aim of this mod is to make this game more balanced and perfect compared to the original game by providing a new unique gaming experience.

There were too many different artists who played a very important role in creating this mod. A complete list of those people is given on the download page when you can visit it for clicking the below link. You can consider it another Total War game because there are thousands of changes to the original game which make it better, more balanced, and providing a new unique experience to everyone.


DarthMod Empire

One of the best mod which is reviewed by thousands of fans already and making it the most popular mod of all time. It focuses on almost everything, improves AI which can become more challenging for you to fight and gameplay which is also very improved now. Too many new sound mods, graphics improvement, and unlimited new features are added in this game.


Imperial Splendour

Very important mod which is focusing on adding the best gaming experience without destroying the original game. There are only a few mods which may focus on something like that, mostly they create completely new units, maps, factions and much more to make a new game. But thousand of people may want to play the original games with new campaigns, factions, missions, units and more. Lot of changes you can feel in-game which is important because they are trying not to make it like a mod.


Napoleon Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods from Amazing RTS Game Total War

Regiments of American Revolution

As you can understand from the name of this mod, it focuses on the American Revolution by adding different factions of that time, units with the complete historical background of American revolution time, and more. It’s a complete modification of game which provide you a chance to fight for American freedom from Britain incomplete revolution time.


Colonialism 1600AD

Colonialism focuses on European empire colony system in all over the world. But you can find something unique in this game. Many mods are collected into this one mod which means you may find completely different music, units, gameplay, and graphics when choose a different faction. There are mainly 3 factions in this game which are very important to play representing different colonization in the world.



Amazing mod which becomes very popular after first released because of perfect changes to the original game. A lot of custom battles are added in this game which is really enjoyable. Some new updates are also included related to different units in-game. But unfortunately, there is very little information provided by the creator of this mod.


Ottoman Total Overhaul

Ottoman Total Overhaul is all about Ottoman faction. You can find many new units, some historical correction and more. Other changes are normally similar to other mods, some new factions, better graphics and some important changes in the original game. They also collect some other Ottoman factions from different mini-mods and add them in one united mod.


Imperial Destroyer Project


Many new Regions are added to the world maps which provides users with a chance to explore new locations. Some of the new units are included for every faction. Overall this Mod is about providing players with challenges to conquer new regions with different kinds of difficulty levels. But the graphics or Unit created of this mod is not perfect as some other popular Mods.


Empire Total Chaos

Total Chaos is not a complete modification MOD but there are some changes that make it a perfect choice to be added in the list of Empire Total War Mods. Mostly it can upgrade some units to a higher level with strong defense, attack & new weapons with great damage. But these changes will make the game more unbalance & historically incorrect because this level of power was not available in history. Its funny MOD provides a new experience for players looking for something new & best for most players who want to try something new.


Medieval 2 Total War MODs – Only High Ranked Mods are Added in List

Nec Pluribus Impar / Seven Years War


A complete overhaul of French armies and only focus on units & french faction in the original game. Almost all soldiers are updated or replaced from the original game. The main focus of Mod is to represent originality from the Seven Year War. Develop claims to create more balance MOD for french factors in-game compared to the original game. Overall, this MOD is not providing too many changes in-game but good for those who love French Army or create a balanced game.


No Protectorates

In every colony inside Total War games, there are protectorates who control these places for power who own that colony. In other words, you cant control a colony completely because you must place someone as protectorate who represents you. But this mod is amazing which allows you to stop it & take full control of every colony on your terms. It controls everything from Spain’s control over any colony or Britain successfully stop American from the revolution. Every colony is under the direct control of the player without anyone in-between to follow your orders & interrupt the process of overall control.


War of 1812

Amazing campaign mod which focuses on the UK & America mostly by adding a lot of new units. But you must understand that game is not only about these countries because there are a lot of units & changes to the overall game. They also added Canada in custom maps which didn’t exist at that time. There are few units available for it which are good news for Canadian players to enjoy their nation in this amazingly popular game of all time.


A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita

Very popular mod in Empire Total War Mods list and most downloaded by players in the last few years. But it’s not a complete overhaul of the game because they added some changes to gameplay only. Most users love this Mod because it improves everything from new units to how players can enjoy a balanced game. There are many players who don’t like a complete change in the original game. But they love this mod as it’s not about changing the game overall but just improving gameplay mechanics to the next level without disturbing the original game.


20 Best Total War Attila MODs Completely free

Additional Units Mod

Very basic mod which we normally ignore to add in our lists. These kinds of mods are not proving much of a special user-level experience. Normally they are not affecting the game at all but this mod is different. As you can understand from the name of this mod, there are too many different new units added for every single faction or type of unit. But every single new unit if fully customized with completely new features which are surprisingly perfect for players looking to try something new.



Develops of this mod consider the original Empire game as unfair & imbalances in some points. For example, Ukraine was a unique & original small empire in history but not included in this game as an independent state. It was allied with Russia of that time, fighting against other enemies like Turkey & Crimea. You will find new units, story, and complete special gameplay for this new faction Ukraine in this mod. There are a lot of other changes to the game like making game balance by adding, removing a few units, or mechanics.


The American Revolution

Its one of the best Total War Empire mod ever created because it converts the whole game into an American Revolution title. In other words, you can call this mod as a new game created with the name of the Total War American Revolution. You will be able to experience most historical battles of the Revolution. Lead your army by choosing any side to participate in history as it happens.

AI level is more realistic because its intelligent now with perfect changes. More challenging AI means more fun to players who don’t like weak or too much-overpowered enemy in-game. The launcher for this mod is different which means fully compatible with the original game and no negative effects at all. Every player who wants to try a new free Total War game must play it to enjoy something completely new.


Absolutum Dominium

Really cool Mod which replaces all current units for all factions with new models. Every unit is now more balanced, a new look, and a few new units are also added. But you cant see other popular changes similar to most mods like New maps, too many units, improve in gameplay, and lot more. If you are looking for a new look for an old game, this mod is only an amazing choice for you. Don’t get disappointed if looking for major changes like other mods.


Prelude to War

Great mod which is a complete overhaul of the original game. Developers spent over 7 years making it the most amazing mod ever. These kinds of mods are always popular because they are mostly like complete new Total War games, not just a mod. Try Prelude to War if you want a completely new game, all new units are added, maps and much more.


Jacobite rebellion


The Jacobite rising was a popular rebellion of Scottish people with the help of France when the British army was busy fighting in other parts of Europe. They control a lot of different places in England & thousands of people died. The main purpose of this MOD is to allow players a chance to fight against that rebellion or British forces. All units are created for both sides by improving the original game. Players can love this game because it’s fully based on what actually happened in history.


Top Post on the Same Topic

Fandom Post is a very popular site with a lot of content written about games. Their post about Empire Total War game already ranked high, Visit Fandom Post to read about 15 different MODs. Each MOD is explained well with few details and one image. Unfortunately, few MODs are very basic providing almost no value to users because of very small changes.

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Total Wars very popular game and every entry in series is played millions of times. Thousands of Mods are already created by different developers because of the popularity of this game. All the above Mods are chosen base on how much value they provide to players.

For example, only completed Mods are chosen, most highly rated, those who separate gaming experience from the original game. Many other Mods that are just basic or incomplete are ignored. If you know about any Mod which should be added to our list, please comment below. Many Mods added in our list are similar to all popular posts ranked in Google because we are using the same source like MODDB or NEXUSMODS for collecting information for our articles.

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