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20 Best Total War Warhammer MODs – It Includes Warhammer 2 Popular MODs

Warhammer 1 & Warhammer 2 are the most popular Fantasy War games of all time in the Total War Series. All these 20 MODs are add-in the list on base of high rating by thousands of players who play them.

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Details of Warhammer Total War MODs
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Total War becomes the most popular series which consists of Turn Base & RTS styles. You can read more about these games on Best Total War Games – Most Popular Game in History of Strategy. Every game in the series is explained well with complete details.

If you are looking for more mods for other games in this series, just visit on Top Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods for all Total War Games, because mods for almost every game in the series are added there. In this article, you can read about mods created for Napoleon Total War only.

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Details of Warhammer Total War MODs

1- Varied Zombies

Varied Zombies is a very simple mod for the Warhammer series of Total War games because it just changes different skins to zombies of game. In other words, you can only see some new good looking zombies. It’s not about adding a huge collection of new units for zombies & other changes.


2- Mousillon City Of The Damned

Very simple mod which focuses on reskinning of Mousillon subsection vampires. It gives them a completely new look which makes it perfect for lovers of this faction. There are no changes to the original game and this mod can easily work with the game properly. The previous mod in this list is similar to Mousillon reskins with almost not many changes. There are no new units, updates to maps, and other changes.


3- Men of the Empire

Many players really don’t like Empire stat troops and their look because of many reasons. This simple mod just adds changes to the original game and completely changes looking for these units. You can find 2 different versions of this game, one with only reskins & the other with a lot of stat changes.


4- Closer to Tabletop

Some new units are introduced to the game for Closer to Tabletop with some special features. But some other minor changes are introduced to the game making it perfect for new players. Overall, this mod is not introducing many new features. Few units which are removed from the game in the last many days introduced again to this game with the help of Closer to Tabletop.


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5- The Southern Realms

Mod is simple faction expansion for Southern Realms by adding new units, introduce some new features to the game, and more. It received the best award for Unit Mod and also runner up for the player choice award. But there are some other important changes to the game focusing on southern factions only. All those players who love these factions can enjoy some perfect changes. But thousands of players choose this mod to be best in the world for the creation of units.


6- Southern Hordes

Southern Hordes introduce 12 new green skin units to game for different factions. For example, you can see hordes of Snotlings which are units who walk with Orcs & Goblins with different kinds of weapons. Goblins are created completely coward in all Warhammer games. But Goblin Bosses are different from the concept and you can see a lot of changes to the game. Some Orc Spear Boyz can go to war with large spears to hurt enemies badly. You can understand some other changes to the game with similar concept units.


7- Goblins (Swords & Axes)

Inspired by HeroQuest some new units & minor changes are introduced to the game. Three new units are added for green skins. You can easily get early cheap units after vanguard deployment which is an advantage for many factions. Low leadership and weak defense are added to the game. We choose this mod as perfect for many players looking for some changes related to units.


8- Chaos Dwarf Warrior Units

Chaos Dwarf Warriors is the most powerful unit created for this game. But it’s expensive & required a lot of money for creation. For example, the cost of creating a building that produces units is very high. But there are many features which are introduced for this unit. If a player is able to build a few of these units, they can get an advantage against their enemies without any strong units.


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9- Ogre Leadbelchers

Ogre Leadbelchers are special units with a weird kind of look & unique features. Players can easily purchase these units without many expenses compare to the above unit in our list. Weapons are unique with a lot of strength against many units already part of the game. Some other units are also created by the same developer.


10-  Walls for Settlements and All Races 

You can now add walls to all level settlements which is a really impressive feature by this mod. Sometimes players need to fight in open to defend some settlements which look weird. Now players must attack a settlement to defeat enemies surrounding by walls. But some other minor features are also introduced to this game which you can after reaching the mod destination page. This mod is considered as one of best for Total War Warhammer MODs Lists.


11- Conquer Anywhere

There are some limitations to the original game which you can consider important sometimes. Developers always try to make the original game more balanced. Total War Warhammer also put some limits on conquering different areas for few factions. But thousands of players don’t like this concept and they want open permissions for everyone to conquer anywhere. Welcome to Conquer Anywhere, open permission to players to conquer any part of the map.


12- The Uncivilized North

The main purpose of this mod is to make North factions more civilized and perfect to play. There are a lot of changes to the game but not on the highest level. Some new factions are added to the game which you can play other than normal north civilizations. It’s completed and the developer is not adding more content. Players can really enjoy some changes to North factions in-game.


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13- Armor Piercing Pistols

In normal games, guns are unable to do heavy damage against different kinds of armor. A lot of different players really hate it and consider it so bad. You can find some changes to the game after playing with this mod. Now it will take time to reload guns but they can affect units with armor more than a normal game. As per modder, pistols are now restored to their rightful place. This mod is very simple in our list of mods for Total War Warhammer.


14- Warhammer Revival: Wood Elves

Find some amazing changes to Wood Elves which you can see in this game. Their archers are best among all others in the world of Total War Warhammer. As per modder, archers for wood elves are not good as they must be. But that does not only change to these factions but a lot of other minor updates make it awesome. It focuses on top weapons for the overall game. You can’t find any perfect weapons which are considered as best on the list for Wood Elves compare to other factions.


15- Warhammer Revival: Beastmen

Similar to the above mod, there are some important changes to the Beastmen faction in this mod. As per modder, armor for this faction is not represented properly as per the original book. Some hard-hitting monsters and special units are added to the game which you can’t find with other factions with more powerful armor. It’s important for everyone to know that Warhammer Revival is a series of different rules for random mods for this game.


16- Olympian Campaign Camera – WAAAGH Edition

Simple mod for Warhammer Total War game which focuses on just simple addition of cameras. You can view different units from a very close angle and also from the top or far distance. But it’s not about battle map mode where everything is different. If you visit the below links, the modder suggests 2 different battle camera mods too.


17- Vampire Night Battles

In Total War games, Vampires are fighting in daylight which is not possible. We all know about the effects of sunlight & daytime on Vampire which is ignored by game creators. Now all game is converted into something different. For example, the whole game enjoinment completely changes tonight now when playing as Vampire. It’s not just about changes to the game into night mode but lot more updates related to the Vampire faction.


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18- Chaos Water

A very simple and cool mod that allows users to see red bloody water in the chaos region. Modder also created another mod with dark water. It’s not much of an important mod for most players because of just a few changes to the color of the water. But many players who want more reality of graphics and environment in-game may love this mod.


19- Dwarven Shields – Gold and Silver

Changing the color of Dwarven Shields is very important sometimes. Now you can see weird kinds of colors in the original game. Modder creates many new colors for these shields. But there are not many changes to the game. Gold and Silver colors are added to the game, you can find these shields look more real because of similarity to steel.


20- Bugman Thrower Unit

Bugman’s Thrower is a new unit for Dwarfs with some powerful abilities. As per the creator, it was easy to create this unit. It includes very high explosion damage, but more money is required to purchase it. Accuracy is also not perfect because of strong power, it must lack some features to balance the game.


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PC Gamer is the most popular site in the world of gaming. They continue to update about games all the time. Thousands of articles are written already to make this site the best source for game news. Their list of MODs is added in 4 different categories and pages. You can easily choose mods like skins, new units, and more. Their explanation of MODs is perfect with download links to destination sites like Steam.

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Total War games are very old now but still millions of players love it. This game becomes a guarantee selling game of all time which means millions of players are ready to purchase every single new game. Total War Warhammer is a very famous fantasy game of all time. Another game in the series Warhammer 3 is coming soon which will become again the best game of all time.

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